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More trouble over Ooni’s stool as Lafogido ruling house claims it is its turn -Giesi family counters claim

The current situation in Ife, The Source, about who succeeds the late Ooni of Ife, Oba Okunade Sijuwade (Olubuse I) -who passed on on Tuesday, July 28, 2015 –  is what could be better described as royal rumble as many princes from different ruling houses keep springing up by the day, laying claim to the revered throne.

A couple of days back another influential prince, David Adetunji from Lafogido royal family claimed it’s their turn to rule the ancient kingdom.

According to a statement credited to Prince Adetunji in one of the dailies, a couple of days back, Giesi had conceded her chance to Ogboni family which produced late Sijuwade in 1980. He therefore insisted that the ruling house to produce the next Ooni is Lafogido, and he is equally a qualified aspirant in that respect.

“Giesi lost the chance to Ogboni in 1980. So, the house has to wait till another time. The next family to produce the Ooni now is Lafogido where I am from,” he was quoted to have said.

However, reacting to Adetunji’s claim, one of the descendants of Giesi and a contender for the throne, Larooka of Wamikin, Oba Adewale Ojutalayo rubbished the claim.

He added all is about desperation and that nothing can overturn the history of rotation of the title as contained in the 1977 Declaration.

“It’s a lie. Don’t mind him. He’s only being desperate. We all know Lafogido is one of the ruling houses in Ife but it’s not yet their turn. They are only looking for relevance but that’s not now. It’s Giesi that will produce the next Ooni which everybody is aware of and the process of doing that is in top gear now.”

Asked to shed light on the tale that their candidate must emerge in one week, he reacted, “There is nothing like that. The family has just completed the screening of the aspirants. And the report of the family’s committee has been forwarded to the family elders for vetting. The outcome of their exercise will now be forwarded to the kingmakers.

“So, it’s not as soon as you’ve said. We’re many and everything has to be done following due process. I think by Tuesday, September 8, 2015, the Giesi family elders should have received the list.”

However, a source had revealed to ENCOMIUM Weekly that about 35 aspirants are jostling for the coveted throne including Osun Commissioner for Culture and Tourism, Sikiru Ayedun.

“All hands are now on deck in Giesi ruling family to produce the next Ooni. The family has completed all the preliminaries. I learnt over 30 aspirants have been screened by the family committee. In a matter of weeks, a candidate must emerge after the kingmakers might have consulted Ifa’s oracle.”

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