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More upsetting revelations on Nice attack emerge

As the French government intensifies investigations on Nice terror attack, an Albanian couple was arrested yesterday (Sunday, July 17, 2016) in connection with the attack carried out by Mohamed Lahouaiej Bouhlel for supplying a 7.65 mm automatic pistol. 84 people were left dead after Bouhlel drove a 19 tonne white truck into people celebrating Bastille Day.

Six people connected with the attacks are in custody. Bouhel’s ex-wife, Hajer Khalfallah, 31, was arrested at her apartment by French police and questioned for two days before she was released without charge on Sunday; the mother of Bouhlel’s three children had not been in contact with the 31-year-old depressed attacker since they were in the middle of divorce proceedings.

Health agencies confirmed that 121 people are still being treated in hospital, including 5 children and 21 adults in a critical condition; 84 were reported dead following the attack, most of the bodies have been identified by family members but there are 16 bodies yet to be recognized. Some of the bodies identified include relatives of Ibrahim H, Nice football referee who lost two members of his family, his son, Mehdi, 13, and his sister-in-law, Fatima while Chérine, Mehdi’s twin sister is in coma.

Celebrity chef, Alain Ducasse, lawyer of Real Madrid footballer Karim Benzema, Eric Dupont-Moretti, 56-year-old Rock star, Bono and the former Nice Mayor, Christian Estrosi escaped death by a thin breath, as they were at a Nice restaurant very close to the scene of the unfortunate incident.

The attacker, Mohamed Lahouaiej Bouhlel was working with some accomplices (yet to identified). At 10.27pm, he sent a message ‘Bring more weapons, bring five of them to C’ to an unidentified contact few minutes before he carried out his arduous escapade.

Though he was regarded as a loner, he kept in touch with his family members, his younger brother, Jaber Bouhlel, 19, had received a message and picture from Mohammed. He “sent a selfie and told me he was happy and everything in his life was normal”, Jaber said.

Bouhlel’s father claimed his son was mentally ill and had suffered a nervous breakdown.  “He’d get angry and shout and broke everything in front of him. He was violent and very ill,” he told reporters .

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