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More women join Maruwa trade

Women seem to be enjoying driving the tricycle popularly called Maruwa (Keke Napep), which is believed to be strictly a man’s job .
At least out of ten Maruwa riders at any bus stop, three would be women. has seen more of them plying Agege/Pen Cinema route, and also Iju, Fagba , Festac and even secluded areas on the island.
When approached them to find out why they are taking solace in a male dominated  profession, they claimed no business is strictly for any gender.
“There is no profession that is strictly for men again.  Women are now taking the forefront when it comes to earning a living.  I have to cater for my family.  I have three children and their father is late. All the people I was looking up to have failed me,” one of them said.
Another woman stated, ” I am a single mother of two. My husband ran away when he lost his job. A family friend offered me his tricycle and asked me to learn how to drive it, that is how I found myself in this business”.
Speaking also to, Mama Bola (as she is fondly known) stated, “I just love the job.  At first, my husband didn’t encourage me but when he saw the money I bring back home at the close of work daily, he started encouraging me and even assisted in getting my own Napep. Even now, I pay most of the children’s school fees , I don’t wait for him before taking care of the family”.


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