Most attractive features men look out for in women (3)

Men2Attraction is everything, especially when it is powerful and mutual. Attraction can provide a link to another human so irresistible that it feels like an enchantment, one that renders all other needs and duties oddly meaningless, tiresome and irrelevant. The Greeks portrayed sexual attraction as a weapon, a dart that might pierce the flesh and possess a soul, causing chaos among humans and gods alike. 
A man can be physically attracted to a woman, without any feelings of love, and this form of attraction is purely primal and is focused completely on the “body” of the woman involved. Relationships are built on a love based attraction. So, what’s important would be to know the traits in a woman which men find most attractive and which makes them fall in love.

CHRIS UDOH – A beautiful face gets my attention before any other thing. In fact, before I notice the lady’s character, I get attracted by her physical beauty.

ROY NPANG – I like ladies with very beautiful smiles. Just a sincere smile can attract me to a lady. Then, I am also particular about her eyes.

LAWRENCE OWOLABI – Until I talk to a lady I wouldn’t be attracted to the lady. Her voice, sense of humour, smile and character towards me is what would determine if I would stay or take my leave. It all works together, it’s not one thing that makes you attracted to a woman.
Atimes, it’s just the way you guys can flow, atimes it’s even the way she laughs. So, it’s a very broad thing.

MICHAEL ADETIMEHIN – What attracts me to a lady is her intelligence, ideas, beauty, nice shape and her smile. Her breast must be full and her booty moderate.
She must be very brilliant and beautiful. Virtually all Nigerian women are beautiful.

SILVER PHILLIPS – What attracts me to a woman are her ethical values, charisma and a very high level of control and understanding with a huge sense of humour.

DELE AJAYI – My woman must have a great fear of God, good character, she has to be very humble, ever ready to take correction also. Ladies of nowadays don’t take correction and they are very proud. She must also have a very good carriage.

JIDE ADEYARA – When a lady is hard working, intelligent, understanding and very supportive, I automatically develop interest in her.

CHUMA UWEM – Her looks first! Without a beautiful face, how do I approach her and then keep the attraction? Conversation has to be captivating with what she does. Her family has to be good and she must also have a great sense of humour.

YINKA ADENUGA – I love women that have great business mind and discipline. She has to be very intelligent. She must also have a very good shape that would make me stick with her and no other woman would be attractive to me.
Her boobs must be very full and her bum very moderate. Once I have all these in a woman, then I am okay.

IBRAHIM RAHEEM – I love a woman that can make me laugh all the time. She must be able to keep me happy every time I am with her. It has nothing to do with her beauty or shape. She must just be able to make me happy all the time we are together.

GBENGA ODERINDE – I noticed that I am easily attracted to very fat women. I just like how round they look. My friends make fun of me whenever I tell them this, but really that’s what l like. Once a lady is chubby and round, I am already attracted to her. Then, I go further into how she talks to people. She must be a very respectful person. She must also be business oriented. I don’t like lazy women.

IBUKUN JALADE – I have argued with a lot of my friends concerning this question. So many people get it wrong by saying it’s the beauty and height. The first thing I check for in a woman is that she has to be very educated, very down-to-earth and disciplined. She must have respect and be able to carry a conversation. When a woman has all of these, then she has a good thing.

DAYO OJO – I am attracted by her huge sense of humour, closeness to God and she must be able to cook different kinds of meals because the road to a man’s heart is through good food.
I am attracted to tall and fair ladies, pretty and very brilliant. She must also be very endowed.

CHIKE EKWEM – I am of average height so my woman has to be way taller than me, because my kids have to be tall. That is what I look for.

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