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‘Most gospel artistes have forgotten God is why we sing’ – Crooner, Shabach as she launches new album

Gospel artiste, Adedunmola Ajao, better known as Shabach, with a budding career taking a shape for the better has released her debut album Kudos.

In this chat with ENCOMIUM Weekly, the married-with-kids Accounting graduate spoke on the recently launched album, her career and how gospel artistes in Nigeria have forgotten why they sing…


Congratulations on the success of your album launch. How does it feel seeing today come to pass?

I’m grateful to God Almighty. I give my gratitude to Him because He has done so much for me. One of the tracks on the album is titled, Ireti mi ni nu re (meaning my hope in God) will not be dashed. I just thank God and bless His name for making today a reality. He made provision and a way where there seemed to be none.

Did you actually think today would turn out as it did?

I envisaged it, but not exactly as it turned out. But I thank God it did.

Take us through the journey of producing Kudos.

It was God throughout. Like I said earlier during one of my ministrations, we started with only N20,000. And during the course of the production, I gave the producer as low as N5,000. It got to a point we couldn’t afford to pay for studio sessions, so we had to move to the producer’s house to complete the production.

Thankfully, he had most of the gadgets in his house, so we did most of the production there. We were paying in bits, but thank God today, it’s all a success.

Your band is amazing. How did you put them together?

The band is completely God’s doing. When they first came to me, I was reluctant to accept them. But they just gathered themselves together. When God spoke to me initially about doing music, I contested with Him on it that how can I do it. These guys just came to me and said they would like to follow me whenever I have an occasion, I told them I don’t have any occasion yet. They insisted on staying. I thought to myself that eventually they would tire out when no invitations come in.

But as God would have it, a church invited me two months after for their convention. That was our first outing in 2013. Interestingly, I didn’t even speak with some of them personally, they just pull themselves together. At one point, we went for an outing and came back with N200 each, yet they stuck with me. It’s just God’s doing, I bless God for them.

What’s your vision for this album?

One thing I want God to do with this album (like Apostle Paul wrote to the Corinthians), what ears have not heard, nor eyes seen, neither has it entered the heart of man’, that’s what I want God to do with this album.

Tell us about the album.

It is titled Kudos and has seven tracks. It is divided into two sections. There’s praise offering, Anu re (your mercies), Ireti mi (my hope). And they were all produced by Daniel Adegbenro.

Tell us about your music background.

I don’t really have a music background. I grew up loving hymns, I always knew I loved music and signing. But I never joined a choir until 2007 and still part of it.

Things are likely to change when this album achieves success. How will you cope with that and family being a married woman?

I believe I won’t have any problem with that because my husband is very supportive. He is the reason I am where I am today. He has nurtured me, encouraged me, when I feel like giving up, he’ll keep pushing me telling me you can do it.

When I go out for outing, he’ll take care of the kids and stuff like that. He has been very supportive.

What is that one thing that would happen and you would say God has answered your prayer for this album?

Many things actually, affecting lives far and wide, around the world, beyond Nigeria. To be acceptable everywhere.

Do you plan on continuing after this?

I certainly will. I have actually started working on another album.

(Cuts in) Another album?

Yes. Some of the songs that couldn’t be on this album would be on the second album.

Are you working with other gospel artistes?

Yes. Mike Abdul is on Kudos. And I will be working with Monique on the second.

Tell us about yourself and what inspires you?

I’m Adedunmola Ajao, and I’m from Osun State. I’m from a Christian home, the first of six children. After successfully completing my primary and secondary education, I went to Federal Polytechnic, Ede, Osun State from there to Olabisi Onabanjo University (OOU), Ogun State where I studied Accounting.

I worked in an insurance company for a while, after which I started my own business, a supermarket. My challenges, what have gone through inspire me. My testimonies and my victories are also sources of inspiration for as a musician. God’s word keeps me going.

Why should people go out to get this album?

They should because it talks about God’ mercies and our hope in Christ. It also gives praises to God.

What do you think gospel artistes are lacking?

We need God. Most of us do not give God his preeminent place in our lives anymore. We have forgotten that he is the reason why we sing. We need Him in our lives.


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