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Moyo Lawal denies butts transplant


‘It’s laughable’, she says

moyo-lawal1Nollywood star, Moyo Lawal has quashed social media reports that she has undergone buttock implant. She added that it’s not only fictitious but laughable.

She further described the report as a tale by moon light, urging her fans and the public as a whole to disregard it as it’s not in any way close to the truth. She, however, labeled those sponsoring it as disgruntled individuals who are only hell-bent on turning her into object of ridicule in the public eye.

Speaking with encomium.ng on Tuesday, November 1, 2016, the fair-skinned thespian said, “It’s a total disappointment that some people are still talking about this issue. I thought they’re done with it, not knowing it is still trending. Anyway, that’s bad. I don’t know what they stand to gain in that.

“Honesty, there’s nothing like transplant. It’s even laughable. What do I need it for? Please, people should just disregard the story. It’s not true at all. I am quite busy now, we will talk better when we see.”

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