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Mr. Universe Nigeria,  Mueyiwa Omatshola recaps life in camp

MUEYIWA Omatshola is the winner of Mr. Universe Nigeria 2015.  The tall, dark skinned, handsome dude visited ENCOMIUM Weekly on Friday, November 13, 2015.  He told us how he became Mr. Universe Nigeria, his experience in camp and life as Mr. Universe Nigeria.

Were you into modeling before Mr. Universe Nigeria?

It was nothing serious.  I was just nursing the idea.  I had no professional job until I won Mr. Universe Nigeria.

Tell us your experience in camp.

We were camped for a week before the show.  From Monday to Sunday of the show.  The main show was on October 25, 2015.  Camp was very tasking, coming together and staying in a secluded place with people you don’t know.  It was a new experience, and it was very challenging.  Especially with the fact that, we had to rehearse the whole day.  We had to prepare for the show.  We were taught new dance steps, learnt different aspects of the grand finale.  It was very tasking.  We had to sleep late most times.  Sleep was not one of the things we enjoyed in camp.  But it was actually fun, meeting new people and making friends.  There was no time we were idle in camp.

During camping, there was various training. They brought in people from different fields to talk to us on business and entertainment industry generally.  We also had a celebrity football match.  We played against celebrities like ID Cabasa, Chris Okagbue of Gulder Ultimate Search, Larry Foreman of UNILAG FM and a lot of others.

Which contestant posed a threat to you in camp?

I did not go there to look for threats. I went there to be the best of myself.  So, I did not focus on other people as threat because in the long run, the competition is about finding and representing yourself.  I was focusing on myself.  I didn’t really see anyone as a threat. I went in to be the best of myself.  We were all equally good and everybody stood a chance of winning.

What prize were you given as Mr. Universe Nigeria?

We would be unveiling the prizes at a victory party sometime this month.  We would get to you and I will be officially getting my prize that day.

When you were getting the form, what was the prize that was attached to it?

The prize that was attached to the form was a brand new car, Walking Men Fashion Week in South Africa.  All that would be given to me at the winner’s party.

How do you intend to cope with academics and your crown?

School is the most important thing right now.  I am in my final year and I will be focusing on finishing.  On the activities that come with Mr. Universe Nigeria, I know it’s going to be tasking but I will balance it with school.  My activities are going to be basically school, any other thing will have to take a back seat.  It will be challenging but I have been multi-tasking.  So, it is not new to me.  I am a fitness instructor, I love art and design.  I do sports.  I am actually into a lot of things.

How do you intend to cope with stardom?

I believe it is not something you should cope with it if you are born for it.  I know I was born for it and I would take each day as it comes.  Handling stardom is like handling your day to day activities.

A lot of female fans would want to relate with you, how do you intend to cope with them?

Female fans are still fans, you handle them the way you handle fans.  Always let people know where you stand, it’s always good.  I don’t go out looking for what is not lost.  I am just myself going about my daily activities.

Are you in a relationship?

No, I am not.

Tell us about yourself.

I am studying Actual Science in the Faculty of Business Administration at the University of Lagos.  I am in my final year. I am from a family of six and I am the first.  We are a Catholic family.  My parents are very supportive.  My mom is a civil servant and my dad is a medical doctor.  He works at Warri Central Hospital.  I am from Delta State.

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