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MSN singer artiste, Kobbe speaks on brand new C-Class Mercedes Benz gift from Oritsefemi

’I am very happy and excited’, he gushes

Musical Taliban, Oritefemi’s Money Stops Nonsense (MSN) has released Oluwaseun Adekolu Olatosi’s (Kobbe) new single, Okulosun featuring Oritsefemi himself.

The Sapele, Delta born afro hip-hop singer recently staged an album release party for the rising star at 355 Lounge, Oko Awo, Victoria Island, Lagos which was well attended. He also used to occasion to present the young talent, Kobe, a brand new C-Class Benz with a customized number plate ‘Kober’.

ENCOMIUM Weekly had a chat with Kobe on the joy of the day and much more…


Congratulations on today’s event.

Thank you so much sir.

How do you feel being presented a brand new C-Class Merzedez Benz by Oritsefemi’s MSN gang?

I feel very happy and excited. I feel like what I chose to do in my life is finally paying off. That’s something very big for me.

How would you describe today in your life and career?

Today has made a landmark in my life. And it’s the continuation of new things and beginning of many better things in my life.

How would you describe your boss, Oritsefemi?

He’s the musical Taliban, no doubt about that. He’s one of the rare breeds in the industry. At a point in my life when I started identifying the genius in the industry, I discovered he’s really one of them. He one of those that don’t talk too much. The only time he comes out and talk, people will surely notice him.

He’s a very controversial artiste in a very good way. He’s beyond a boss, he’s more of a brother to me. And he has been very supportive.

How do you feel working under his record label?

MSN singer is a family. We have been here for a while. Even, if we have some internal issues, we always find a way of resolving it amicably. Basically, no business will be sweet as having your family members on, and they all know what they’re doing. So, I believe we’re all up for the best.

How would the event of today change life?

Today, I got to receive a car from MSN Gang and they’re also premiering my song under the label. That’s my debut song under the label featuring Oritsefemi. So, today is going to be a landmark in my life. I am going to look away from the car for now, but looking into the future which will surely be used to mark a new beginning because this song is going to cut across different cadres of people both the young and the old ones.

I believe the whole world should be ready for me.

What’s the title of the song?

It’s Okulosun, Oji Logba Ope!

What’s the meaning of that?

It means anybody that sleeps in like dead because death is a sister to sleep. But the person that wakes up the next day is the one that can thank God and make money. That’s just the literary meaning. But in the street, Okulosun means ‘don’t dull’.

It’s only the sharp that can get money. ‘Ope’ means money in the street. So, Okulosun, oji logba ope. That means Oji Lagba cash (money).

How long have you been with Oritsefemi?

Actually, I have been with him for about three years. Since I was in school, I used to come right from there. And our relationship has been so wonderful.




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