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MTN Nigeria travels across Nigeria in search for #WeMove Stories

MTN Nigeria launched the We Move Thematic campaign earlier in the year. The campaign, hinged on the MTN brand strategy of progress, is focused on urging Nigerians to look inward for opportunities for progress that abound within their current situations.

The thematic campaign was launched with the release of a two-minute Television Commercial (TVC) that creates a storyline resonating with the hopes and aspirations of Nigerians.

As part of its We Move campaign, MTN Nigeria began visiting locations across Nigeria to ask people to share experiences of how they have looked within for opportunities to thrive when all hope seemed lost and it appeared they were hitting a wall.

Like the popular saying “Life sets us a challenge to test our courage and willingness to change’’, it would amaze you to see how many Nigerians have changed courses in life after encountering roadblocks.

Ijeoma Afamefun, a resident of Owerri and graduate of Marketing Management, in her story, said that after a few years of job hunting without any luck, she decided to develop a skill and is now doing very well for herself.  She advised people who were on the verge of losing hope saying, “you have to keep pushing, so far you are alive, there is hope for you.”

Another resident of Owerri, Chibuike Emeka, who studied Education Economics, said that no empowerment opportunities had come his way. However, he saved up money to buy a car in his first year in school, and with the car, he started his journey and now works as a driver.

Funmilola, who lives in Lagos is also determined not to give up despite the challenges life has thrown her way. A graduate of Accounting, and a Makeup Artist, Funmilola now works as a commercial driver. In her story, she said, “I did not give up. Whenever I get called to do makeup, I still do it. In Nigeria, whatever you are doing, you have to set targets”. She mentioned that if she was not working as a commercial driver now she probably would still be carrying her certificate around looking for a job.

A Fashion designer in Lagos State, Nigeria, Adepeju who studied Clothing and Textile, said she had to change her perception and mindset to become successful today.  In her journey, she tried doing a lot of things but failed, however, that did not deter her. According to her, “giving up wasn’t an option, I never gave up, I kept pushing and I succeeded”.

Olanrewaju, an Entrepreneur and Economics graduate, started working in the banking sector after he graduated, but he was not fulfilled. He decided to start working for himself and became an entrepreneur.  According to him, “I am someone that doesn’t give up easily and I set goals. I have always wanted to do something that gives me fulfillment, and I find fulfillment in what I am doing now.”

Olanrewaju’s advice to those who are on the verge of losing hope in their quest to be successful is “to never give up in whatever you are doing”.

The We Move campaign is motivating people across Nigeria to set goals, grow their interest in various activities, make plans for their future, and develop their talent regardless of the challenges life throws at them.



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