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Muslims apprehensive as Sallah approaches

As the Muslims’ festival, Eid-l-Kabir draws nearer, Muslims all over the world have started warming up for the great annual event. This year’s Eid-el-Kabir is expected to hold on September 2, 2017, as Arafat day is expected to be September 1.

ENCOMIUM Weekly spoke with Muslims on how they are preparing for the festival and below are their responses…


Adeyemi Habeeb

Yes, we are preparing but they is no money. Just praying to God over the Salah, so that we can buy the necessary things needed on that day.


Olohuntoyin Saheed

Preparation is in God’s hands because I never prepare for anything.


Jamiu Aminat

Yes, we are preparing but it’s all about money. Because this coming Salah is the one you spend extensively.


Mr Akeem 

Yes, l am really preparing for it because by next week, August 29, l will buy my own ram.


Alhaji Yunusi

The only preparation for Salah now is prayer because I leave everything in the Hands of Ggod. God will surely do it. Even if you don’t buy clothes and ram, that does not stop us for not going to pray to Almighty Allah.


Mrs. Olayemi Rukayat

Yes, I am preparing. Allah will bless us before that day.


Aishat Abiodun

Yes, we are preparing for it, but the only prayer is that may Almighty Allah provides us the money to buy those things, no matter how expensive or costly they are.


Sulaimon Hashm

There is nothing to prepare with, we are only praying to God to make things easy for us. I had planned to go to my village for Salah, but I would rather stay back in Lagos because of the expenses travelling requires which I’m quite sure I can’t afford now. I just pray next year is better.


Taiwo Bashir

I am preparing in my own little way. I am planning to travel on the day before then return on the day after Salah. For the ram, that is in God’s Hands, no one can predict tomorrow. If I can get some money before then, I will kill ram and if not, we would do it with whatever we have. We just thank God for life.


Kareem Gafar

I am preparing pretty good. If I can afford to feed myself daily despite the situation of the country, I am sure Allah will prove Himself. Nothing will change this Salah, we would do it the way we have been doing it.

– Azeezat Kareem


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