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Must have items during rainy season

Whether we like it or not, rainy season is here. Lagos state has already witnessed days of continuous out pour. The Commissioner for Information and Strategy, Steve Ayorinde, has warned Lagosians to brace up as the state would still witness heavier down pours. Here are items you should have on you as we prepare for raining days…



They come in various sizes and colours. The bigger and stronger, the better. But the smaller ones can also come handy during raining days. Some are so petite they can fit perfectly in a lady’s bag. The bigger ones can easily be forgotten in buses, so it is advisable to hold smaller ones irrespective of the weather forecast. For those who move around in cars, they should have one or two in the car. Umbrellas are not so expensive to purchase, with N1,000, one would get a small one.



Fashionable raincoats can be worn anywhere during a downpour, most especially the heavy ones. Some raincoats can easily be kept in hand bags and can be taken around. Raincoats are better protectors during a very heavy downpour. Most parents wear raincoats for their children during wet days as it gives comfort to children as well.


Rubber footwears

They come in fashionable and fanciful shapes and sizes. They are a must have as rainy season begins. Some could even pass for leather wears as they are beautifully crafted. Every lady and even men should buy one and go about with them daily as rain falls unannounced. It helps prevent smelly feet and keep our leather wears in good shape till dry season.


Shower caps

Ladies don’t joke with their hair as it cost a fortune to make. For this reason, all ladies must have a shower cap always in their bags. It prevents wet and smelly hair during rainy seasons. They are so affordable to get, the price range starts from N50 and above.


Cardigans and Sweaters

They might not be able to keep you from being wet, but they can keep you from catching a cold. For those who easily have flu, it is important to go around with one during this season. Cotton hand knitted cardigans help keep the body warm and prevent cold and catarrh.



They are soothing relief from cold, especially after walking under the rain. It is a must have during raining season. There are different types of balm – Robb, Chinese balm, Deep Heat, Mentholatum. The cheapest can be bought for N50.




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