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Muyideen Bello warns Malaika against love of women and Money at housewarming gig

Famous Islamic cleric and preacher, Sheikh Muyideen Ajani Bello, better addressed as Oniwasi Agbaye, who officiated the housewarming of popular Fuji act, Alhaji Adekunle Alao (Malaika) extolled the virtues of the humble musician whom he described as devout Muslim in all his conducts. However, the Ibadan Oyo born great scholar also warned the talented musician against the love of women and money, describing them as roots of evil capable of drowning every successful man in his chosen career.

“As far as I know you, you’re a true Muslim. In your conduct and every other thing, you’re unique among your colleagues. What actually attracted me to this event is nothing but your conduct as a Muslim and all the acts of worship you demonstrate regularly just like every other Muslim who believes he will meet Allah on the day of judgment. Continue in all these, and you will continue to see the favour and blessing of Almighty Allah.

“However, always disallow your fame from intoxicating you because all that you have achieved so far are not by your power or might, not even because of your regular worship or praises of Allah that availed you the opportunity to come this far, but his His grace and love. So, beware of two things if you don’t want to get out of the race. And these are women and love of money. If you allow these two things to hold you captive, you may run out of glory and end up becoming nobody despite all you have acquired. All these women hailing you today won’t be there for you tomorrow. They’re only interested in wrecking havoc on you after satisfying their desires. Money and women are evil capable jeopardizing one’s career. Your music is full of wisdom. Then, improve on that. The, remember, you’re not the only Fuji musician around, but why are you this blessed? Always reflect on that and hold on to Allah who is all knowing and ever sufficient. I believe he will continue to bless you. Even, this house you’re opening today is going to be a kitchen to the ones you’re still going to build or acquire in future. You’re just starting.”




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