My agenda as District 9110 Governor for 2017/2018, Dr. Wale Ogunbadejo


On Saturday, July 8, 2017, Dr. Adewale Ogunbadejo will be installed governor of Rotary Club, District 9110. The event billed to hold at MUSON Centre, Onikan, Lagos is expected to attract colourful people from far and near.

In this chat with, Ogunbadejo opened up on how he emerged the man to handle the affairs of the district for 2017 – 2018.


On Saturday, July 8, 2017, you will be installed governor of Rotary Club, District 9110, how do you feel about that?

How do I feel about the forthcoming event? I feel very grateful to The Almighty for the opportunity to serve Humanity, and especially our communities, at this level of responsibility, in an organisation that has consistently and with dedication served humanity over the past 112 years.

Every year, out of 1.2 Million Rotarians, only about Five hundred and thirty [530] are given the responsibility to lead their Districts for one calendar year. It is therefore a great privilege with huge responsibilities.


How did you emerge as the new governor of the district?

At a particular point in each Rotary year, all clubs in the District are invited to submit names of Rotarians in their clubs or any other club in the District that are qualified to be selected as District Governor Nominee Designate. There are strict criteria which such candidates must fulfil before they can be qualified to face a panel of Past District Governors in a fiercely competitive interview session.

The most qualified in all aspects considered, is then chosen as the District Governor Nominee Designate.

His or Her Name will be circulated to all clubs, and if no objection to the candidacy is received after the statutory period allowed for this, the candidate’s name will be announced as the Designate for three years ahead and forwarded to Rotary International for their information and further action. .

This was the process I went through along with others sometime in January 2015 and emerged as the one considered the most qualified in the opinion of the panel of Past District Governors.


Can you highlight your specific roles as governor of the district?

The District Governor is the ONLY Rotary International Officer in the District each year. He therefore serves as the eyes and ears of Rotary International with the Responsibility of engaging, motivating and inspiring Rotarians to fulfill the Strategic Goals of Rotary International and the District. Specifically his Roles includes but are not limited to the following :

  1. Helping to support and strengthen membership in the District by improving Recruitment of new members, Retention of old members and extension into areas where Rotary does not exist.
  2. Focusing on and increasing Humanitarian projects that touch the lives of the under-served in our communities through the improvement of education, support to health initiatives and alleviation of poverty in the communities where Rotary clubs exist and sometimes beyond their borders.

Increasing participation in Polio activities by Rotarians, Community members, Government  and also galvanising actions towards increased financial contributions towards Polio eradication.

  1. Enhancing Rotary’s Public Image and Awareness.

There are other Roles expected of a District Governor but the ones enunciated above represents the Strategic Goals Of Rotary International  which all Districts are expected to fulfil, with the Governor as the Main Driver.


Can you also unveil your agenda for the district?

My Agenda for the District

Having been involved in humanitarian service over the past One hundred and twelve years of its existence, Rotary International has distilled Six Areas of Focus which represents the major activities that touch human lives all over the world and these includes :

  1. Peace and Conflict Prevention and Resolution.

2.Disease Prevention and Treatment

  1. Water and Sanitation
  2. Maternal and Child Health
  3. Basic Education and Literacy
  4. Economic and Community Development

In this Rotary year we hope to embark on the following activities that addresses some of these areas of focus, in our District :

  1. Renovation, Equipment and Drug Revolving Support to TEN Primary Health Centres in Lagos and Ogun States.
  2. Increased participatory support and Funding for Polio activities.
  3. Erection of a Vocational Centre to empower unemployed youths in our communities.
  4. Empowerment of already-trained but indigent youths with needed equipments to start up their businesses.
  5. Award of scholarship to 20 Brilliant but indigent students in Public Tertiary institutions in Lagos and Ogun States .
  6. Conduct of a Cleft Lip and Surgery Camp in collaboration with an organisation from USA, called Alliance for Smiles.
  7. Conduct of Open Heart Surgeries to repair holes in the heart for small children.
  8. Organisation of vocational classes in one of the Internally-

Displaced camps towards empowering some of the women with life changing skills with which they can start off their lives after the IDP Camp experience. Donation of basic personal and household utensils will also be encouraged.

  1. Many water and sanitation projects will be implemented in primary schools.
  2. A Major Seminar on Peace and Conflict Resolution will also be organised.

Most of these projects will be carried out at the club level where

Rotary truly connects with the communities.

To achieve all these goals, we are seeking for support through

Donations, Collaboration and support in kind from our Family members,

Friends, colleagues, NGOs and Corporate organisations. Ouur Estimated

Budget is N300 Million.

The Annual Installation ceremony is our Main Fund-Raiser for the year and we are therefore appealing for support towards the achievement of these goals.



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