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‘My battle with cancer’ – Olusola Adeoti + How I sold four UK properties to survive

DAUGHTER of billionaire industrialist, Chief Samuel Adedoyin, Mrs. Olusola Adeoti has been battling with cancer over the years.  Bold, brave, confident and still alive to tell her story, she opened up to ENCOMIUM Weekly on the pains and challenges of the deadly disease.  She had earlier given a testimonial as a survivor at Genevieve magazine Pink Ball ’09 for breast cancer awareness. 

She even confessed visiting the best hospital in Europe in frantic effort to save her precious life.  She also recounted selling four houses in the UK to pay her hospital bills.  We engaged her in a chat, asking her how she is coping with cancer.


Other than God and family support, you survived cancer because you have the finance to seek treatment, what are you doing to assist others who are less financially endowed?

To the glory of God, we have been able to raise funds.  We are working together with Genevieve magazine.  So, if you read the magazine, you will see what we are doing to assist those in need of treatment.

What specifically have you done?

We bought mammograms for patients.  Maria Sam Foundation provided generator for them.  We are also promoting awareness for cancer. I will show you one of the books (gives this writer a pamphlet).

How did you feel the first day you were diagnosed of cancer?

How did I feel?  Shocked and afraid.

And how have you been coping with this deadly sickness?

It has not been easy, but God and my family have been on my side.  They have been helping morally, financially and in every aspect.

What’s the state of your health as at the moment?

By the grace of God, there is always hope. I am getting better.

Did you at any time entertain the fear of death?

(Pauses a bit) The pains of cancer is as strong as death.

What is your word of comfort to people who are still living with this excruciating pain of breast cancer?

They should hold on to God.  At times, no drug can ameliorate the pain or take death away.  But with God all things are possible.

Anything to say to Mrs. Betty Irabor?

To Genevieve publisher, Mrs. Betty Irabor, she should not relent until we overcome cancer in Nigeria and Africa at large.

You talked about love, care and God as important in managing cancer?

It is a great relieve that at your point of need, there is somebody there to stand by you.  There is somebody there to hold your hand.  That is wonderful.  Of course, you need God by your side.  Again there is the need for a good doctor.  These are the basic needs of a cancer patient.

Have you lacked any of these?

I am lucky to have them all.

How come you don’t even look sick, you are still beautiful and healthy?

I would say it is God.  That’s the secret.  I draw my strength from God.  He is my pillar of support.


– This story was first published in ENCOMIUM Weekly on Tuesday, May 19, 2009

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