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‘MY CHANCE OF SURVIVING IN THE INDUSTRY IS HIGH’ – Miz Gold boasts, debuts with Man Zomi

Temitope Gold Greenaway, popularly known as Miz Gold, is a songwriter, singer, model, artiste and former dancer, born in Ibadan, Oyo State. She is a popular African act signed to Zome Records International Ltd. This respected dancehall artiste has performed with top artistes on several hot shows and carnivals in Africa and beyond.

Miz Gold spoke with ENCOMIUM Weekly at her album launch at Caliente Club, Victoria Island, Lagos, expressing her love for music and life as an artiste.

How do you feel about this album launch?

I am so excited. I am so happy that people came out to support me. And for the press to be here, it means a whole lot to me.

What would you say keeps you going?

Music, good music, singing good songs and understanding what people want and of course my fans.

You have a two way career, here and Ghana. How has it been?

It’s been great. As a dancehall artiste in Nigeria, I just felt, let me move somewhere else and do something. At the beginning, it was not easy but I swear, it has been smoothened. Now, I’m back home and it’s good to be here.

What should Nigerians and Ghanaians expect from you?

They should be expecting more music, crazy fashion and hair styles and everything trending but classic.

Any collaboration with Nigerian artistes?

Yes, of course, I am a Nigerian, I will have collaboration with Nigerian artistes. It depends on the song I have on ground.

How are the challenges?

I love to say, live your life to the fullest, because we can only live once. You shouldn’t allow anything bother you. The fact that I’m becoming fulfilled does not mean there were no challenges, but why should those things bother me?

Can you specifically tell us what they are?

The challenge so far is being a dancehall artiste, a female dancehall artiste. It was difficult at the beginning, but I have now grown a tough skin. From the love I have been getting from people, even the sky won’t be my limit.

When you started, what was your parents’ reaction?

My parents’ reaction was, no, don’t do it. But my mom knew I love entertainment than reading my books. As time went by, they had no choice than to accept me and my talent.

What are your chances in the industry?

Everyone has a chance, as long as you have the charisma. As for me, my chance of surviving in the industry is high because I am unique and different. Above all, with God on my side, everything will be okay.

How has life been as an artiste?

Life has been more interesting. There is more money, more connections, but it reduces your privacy.


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