‘My dad gave me chance to prove my musical prowess’ -P.R.E

P.R.E is an entertainer, a singer, a songwriter and performing artiste. He’s also the CEO Twisted Minds Records. P.R.E (Pretty Real & Entertaining) has just released his new single entitled, High Grade produced by the talented hit maker Pheelz and written by popular song writer Password.

P.R.E is the son of Ex-Petroleum minister, Dan Etete. He is a graduate of Business Administration, from the University of Greenwich in London. He also holds a degree in Music production and audio engineering from the London School of Sounds.

Let’s meet you?

My names are David Kosowoye Etete. I am 24 years old, I was born on the October 26. I’m from the South-South region of Nigeria (Bayelsa). I am an Ijaw boy. I come from a family of seven children, four boys and three girls. I was brought up in a very lovely and respectful manner. I’m a well brought up young man.

PREELet’s talk about PRE and music?

P.R.E is actually an acronym for Pretty Real and Entertaining, I also happen to be the ambassador for a fashion line called sick rabbit. I’ve been singing since when I was in secondary school. I can remember in class, we used to drum with the school desk. When I was about to finish secondary school, I knew music is what I wanted to do. I remember when I first started music, I was part of a duo called Twisted Minds but we split after two years for mutually beneficial reasons. After that I went on a musical sabbatical, to rejuvenate my career.

When did you record your first single?

Officially, my first song was recorded sometimes in 2007. Some of the other songs I have are Omoge featuring Dammy Krane, Take It Up featuring 2Face and I have a song coming out soon which features Runtown and the other one featured Phyno. However, my new song is called Highgrade, it’s a song that I did to show my love and appreciation for music. In the song, I related music to women and it’s so far been getting great reviews.

How challenging has it been so far?

You know in life, we go through a lot, but I thank Almighty God, the only challenge you face as a musician is the fact that you need to learn how to spread your songs, because of the large population of people in Nigeria and Africa as a whole. For me, the most difficult part is putting together the right team, and to get my music to the ears of people who I want it to get it to.

How supportive are your parents?

Initially, my daddy didn’t want me to do music. He, however, gave me a chance to prove myself, and I did. Afterwards he took me to Cobahms Asuquo and after Cobhams listened to some of my tracks that I had already recorded, he told my daddy that this boy is good, let him do his thing. And since then my dad has been strongly behind me.

As an artiste and record label owner how are you able to balance your schedule?

I thank God that I’ve been able to put together a good team that helps me handle tight schedules and balance my time. There’s delegation of duty and everyone knows their job very well. I’m the only artiste under the label for now, but we have an in-house producer called Cheeky Cheesy.

PRE1A couple of years back you had dreads on, what happened to it?

I decided to cut off the dreadlocks because I want to appeal more to the ladies, because women are very important in anything that you try to do. Fair enough, men are the bread winners of the house, but if your woman likes an artistes, the man would surely listen to the artiste too and that’s the way music grows.

If you weren’t doing music, what else will you be doing?

If I wasn’t doing music, I will be doing something that’s fashion related. I have passion for it.

Who is your celebrity crush?

The truth about the matter is this. I won’t say I have any celebrity crush I actually think all these female celebrities are crushing on me and admiring me.

As an artiste, what stands you out?

My music stands out in a lot of ways, the things that I talk about and the way that I look don’t really correlate. A lot of people tend to think I’m a foreign artiste when they see me, but I’m very African and Nigerian, what a lot of people see that makes me stand out is the way I combine RnB, Hip hop and reggae to make a very nice sound, my diction and intonation also stands me out, the content of my lyrics also shows that I’m educated.


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