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‘My face and voice are what I sell’ – Dayo Adeneye

DAYO Adeneye (D1) needs little or no introduction in the Nigerian entertainment industry.  The radio and TV personality has been in the industry for ages and has contributed immensely to its development through Kennis Music and Primetime Africa, an acclaimed international radio and TV show.

The gentle and good looking dude had a chat with ENCOMIUM Weekly on Sunday, March 20, 2011, where he spoke about Kennis Music, the industry and why his face and voice remain his cherished asset.


Let’s talk about how you’ve been managing Kennis Music with your long time friend, Keke Ogungbe.

Nothing different from what we’ve been doing, that is, trying to promote Nigerian culture, music and the celebration of our youths.  This country is blessed with talented youths, and it’s our way of contributing to the economy. We’ve been able to create the desired awareness on the importance of entertainment.

What are we expecting from your artists this year?

Femi’s album is already out.  Goldie and Jaywon’s album too.  Basically, we keep working, especially on new stuffs and we pray that Nigerians will continue to support us as we continue to do what we know how to do best, that is, promoting Nigerian culture.

Is it true that KCPresh have returned to Kennis Music?

(Laughs) I am hearing this for the first time. But we are all one big family and we’ll continue to be.  We are all working towards the same goal, promoting Nigerian culture and music.  KCPresh have always been members of the family even though they opted to work on their own.

You’ve been long in the industry but it seems that you’ve remained silent about the crisis in PMAN, why?

Actually, I am a member of the board of trustees of PMAN and I speak when it’s necessary. But I don’t seek publicity.  So, right now, I don’t have any issue to talk about.  If there is any, I will speak out so that it can be trashed decisively.

What is your comment on the leadership tussle in PMAN?

I have not been part of the crisis, including the Osogbo election.  I read it in the papers and I can’t comment on something I read in the newspapers.  Basically, I am not aware that there is any tussle.  The PMAN president, Admiral Dele Abiodun is my very close friend.  The younger artists too, including D’Banj and the people involved are my friends.  I think what is happening is that everybody is working towards the same goal.  Everybody wants improvement for the artists, that is the major reason for the noise.  So, it’s going to be inappropriate for me to comment on what is in the newspapers.

What can be done to improve the industry?

We all need to contribute our quota.  Government too has promised to contribute to the industry, which is a good development.  Everything depends on money and if this is done, the industry will work well and stakeholders will be better for it.

Let’s talk about fashion, what does it take for one to remain elegant?

It’s a question of personal style. It is basically the way you groom yourself, particularly the way you dress, eat and carry yourself. I have been very mindful of that from my youth days.  I also understand the fact that I am a role model that young people look up to.  So, I am always careful about the way I dress and what I do in public.

Can you tell us some other things that make you look good?

I eat right and try to get enough sleep.  I don’t smoke and I drink very little.  I also do a lot of exercise.  I want to live long to be honest with you and to achieve that, you have to do a lot of exercise and live right so that your children can watch you grow.

What part of your body do you cherish most?

(Laughs) My face and voice are what I sell.  This is because I work at radio and TV stations.  They are important to me because they earn me my living.  I thank God for blessing me that way.

  • This story was first published in ENCOMIUM Weekly on Tuesday, March 29, 2011

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