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ACCORDING to reports, Stephanie Okereke and her man, Linus Idahosa would have tied the knots, but for some family issues.  Linus Idahosa’s parents are vehemently against the wedding plan of their son to the star actress, insisting that they would not allow such.  There are also insinuations that Faith, the younger sister of Stephanie’s fiancé is not helping matters at all because of her role in the whole issue.  She is allegedly fuelling the rhythm of discord amongst factions. We decided to contact the actress on Thursday, January 20, 2011 to find out what she hasd to say about these rumour.  Our question was, “Stephanie, why are your in-laws to-be kicking against you marrying their son?  Don’t they think you are good enough for him.”

Stephanie’s response was, “Oh, come on, Stella, there is no iota of truth in that report.  I saw it and my future parents in-law live in Lagos and they read it too and my mum in-law is in shock.  She doesn’t understand why anyone would write such lies concerning them.  I told her ‘Welcome to the entertainment world.’  My in-laws and I are really close and they are really happy about my relationship with their son.  My relationship with Linus is solid and these cheap lies will not affect us.  It was even Faith, my sister-in-law who alerted me that such a story was written.  The Idahosas are like my second family and they love me like their daughter.  God will expose whoever is behind this, that’s all I know.”

Our next question was, “Why is the wedding proper being delayed.”

…And Stephanie says, “It isn’t being delayed, we are putting things in place and it will happen very soon by God’s grace.  Faith, my darling sister-in-law, will be my maid of honour”…What are the lyrics of that Daddy Showkey’s song again sef, “Shame to bad people, shame to bad people…”

  • This story was first published in ENCOMIUM Weekly on Tuesday, January 25, 2011

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