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‘My husband and father-in-law never asked me to quit acting’ -Dakore Egbuson-Akande

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BEAUTIFUL actress, Dakore Olumide-Akande is obviously enjoying married life.  The mother of one (Ayomide) revealed this much in an exclusive interview with ENCOMIUM Weekly on Saturday, May 18, 2013, at Muson Centre, Onikan, Lagos.  Admitting there are indeed challenges in running a home and career, Dakore again dispelled rumours that her husband, Olumide and billionaire father-in-law, Chief Harry Akande once asked her to quit acting. She even claimed the Akande’s are now her biggest and most supportive fans. 

Pretty Dakore also took us through her recent jobs and her inspiration as a wife, mother and actress.


How is married life?

Married life is awesome.  It’s amazing.

What has really changed about Dakore Akande nee Egbuson?

I have more people to worry about now.  I have my husband and daughter to worry about and also balancing my career.  It’s not only about me and my career now, my family comes first.

What’s your baby’s name?


Has she made you a better person?

Yes, she inspires me. I also inspire her too. I want her to know she has to work and make a living like I do.  She can be what she craves to be.

Would you encourage her to be an actor?

If that is what she wants, fine. If she wants to be an engineer, that’s her choice.

Are there roles you can’t play now because you are married?

Naturally, I have to consider my husband before accepting my role. I don’t play romantic roles as readily as I used to. But if I see a role that is good and not exploitative, I will still do it.

What about doing your own production?

I will definitely go into my own music production, but it’s not as simple as people think.  It is very complex and difficult.  Until I find a project I am passionate about, I will then do it. But for now, I’m chilling, I’m watching.

What drives you, Dakore?

The knowledge that I’m using the gift God gave me, and being a voice for women. That’s what drives me.

You happen to come from a rich family, your dad being an ex-Customs boss. Now you are married to a mega rich family, are you not blessed?

I’m very blessed.  And I don’t take it for granted. I thank God every day.

How would you describe your husband?

I will describe him in one word, awesome!

When there are problems or issues, how do you go about them?

We communicate. I also get advice from my mom.  When you have elders that can give you direction and guide, it is always great.

When would you say was the most turbulent time of your marriage?

Sincerely, we’ve not had any turbulence, to borrow your word.  There is nothing strong enough to break us.  If we went through everything we went through to become a couple, there is nothing to trouble us anymore.

What is your relationship with your father-in-law, Chief Harry Akande?

It’s great.  It’s really great. He loves my work. I will like to let people know that he never in any way told me not to work.  Never!  I have a movie in the cinemas now called Journey to Self.  He is such a great man, he would never discourage me.

What about your mother-in-law?

Great. I have a great relationship with my family.

So, there’s no issue with them?

Not at all.

Where did you spend your last vacation?

Orange, Chicago in the States.

How was it?

Beautiful, fantastic.

Are you travelling again?

Maybe towards the end of the year.  But I’m here to work.

Celebrity marriages are crashing like pack of cards, what has kept yours?

It’s the grace of God.

How rich is Mrs. Dakore Akande?

I’m okay. I’m not complaining.  I’m fine.

What does money mean to you?

It’s a tool.

You look amazingly beautiful and trim. How have you maintained your shape despite being a mother?

A lot of hard work, exercise, diet and I just try to be happy.

What’s new?

Journey to Self.  I also just finished a stage play, The V-Monologue series. I have a few other projects in the offing.

No conflict with motherhood?

Not at all. Like I said, motherhood is awesome and challenging but it completes me.  It makes me appreciate my mom a lot more.  Now, I know what she went through to have me and my four other siblings.

You have one kid now, how many more to go?

I don’t know.  It’s up to God.

You don’t have an idea of what you want?

We have an idea but I don’t want to jinx it.  My baby is not even up to two years.

Yes, you are back to Nollywood but you’ve not really re-enacted the old Dakore we really know in the industry?

Because I’m a new Dakore, not the old Dakore.  I’m coming into a new era in my career. I’m now a mother and a wife.  I have to be more discerning with my projects.

So, it’s not true your husband initially stopped you from acting?

It’s obviously not true because if it was true I wouldn’t have shot the movies I just mentioned.  It is unfortunate that people like to play into stereotypes.  At this stage, we are all grown up, so women also have to work.  And apart from the financial aspect, it is what I do.

But you are married to a rich family, do you need to work?

It doesn’t matter.  I’m independent.  It is again a gift that God gave me. I will be wrong if I were to kill that aspect of my life because I’m married to a rich family.

How is your husband coping then?

He is coping really well. I must commend him.  It is not easy.  And it is also not easy being married to him because he is from a prominent family.  We love each other.

This story was first published in ENCOMIUM Weekly on Tuesday,May 28, 2013

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