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“My husband made me feel ugly, less than a human being” – Tonto Dikeh

The verbal abuse detailed by Tonto Dikeh to mediaroomhub in the trending interview left her feeling ugly and unworthy.

The actress and mother recalled the episodes in the marriage, and cried about what her estranged husband made her go through.

She revealed, ” I was in so much pain. I was just thinking about all the verbal abuse, and everything my husband says to me. And l felt so ugly, l felt so unworthy. I felt less than a human being…

“That was the lowest point of my life asking for help because I had never asked for help before.”

One episode that upset her more was a battery in Ghana, where she had to run to the High Commission. There, because of the severity of the assault, she had to be ‘videoed’ naked. 

Tonto Dikeh explained why she’s now coming out to make the revelations: “This interview is not to discredit my husband. Rather, my ex-husband, in anyway.  It is not to bring him down. It is not to make people hate him. Not to throw dirt on him.”If there’s anything I am doing this for, it is for him to be a better man. Like l said, so that somebody somewhere can learn from this…”



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