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‘My life at 60’ – Hon. Omotayo Oduntan Oyeledun

Hon. Omotayo Aramide Oduntan

Hon. Omotayo Aramide Oduntan, the Deputy Whip of Lagos House of Assembly turned 60 on Monday, June 5, 2017.

The three term member of the assembly told ENCOMIUM Weekly the story of her life sojourn in this scintillating interview…


How do you feel turning 60?

I feel grateful to God for sparing my life up till now. I thank God for how far He has brought me in life. I also want to thank my people for believing in me and the party leaders as well.

Do you feel your new age?

Of course, at 60 you are getting old.

Do you feel it?

Some people will say they don’t feel it, but I will be honest with myself, I feel it. I can’t run as I used to before. I have slowed down in so many areas of my life.

Aside this, I thank God Almighty for good health.

What particular thing would you say you are grateful to God for at 60?

Life and good health.

When would you consider the happiest moment of your 60 years of existence?

I think it is when I see my children doing well in life. I have had so many happiest moments in life. I thank God that my sad moments didn’t overshadow my good moments in life. I give God all the glory.

When would you consider your saddest moment?

When I lost my first son.

When was that?

That was in 1998.

How old was he then?

About 24.

What happened?

He died in a motor accident. He was a student at University of Ilorin and was going back to school.

I am sure you still miss him.

Yes, especially when I see his friends and age mates. That certainly was the saddest period of my life.

What lesson of life would you say life has taught you at 60?

I have learnt to always leave everything in the Hands of God. I have learnt not to think of tomorrow because it belongs to God.

For someone who has been in politics for years now, what lessons of life would say you have learnt?

So many lessons, but all in all they are lessons that have made me who I am today. They have toughened me. I have learnt not to brood over any problem rather to look on the brighter side of life.

Can you give us insight into your marital life so far?

My first marriage packed up after four years.

How did it pack up?

I was very young then. Certainly, I had my fault but the marriage did fail because of me personally.

How old were you when your first marriage broke up?

I was 24 years.

24 years old?

Yes, I got married very early.

At what age was that?

I got married at 19.

How many children did your first marriage produced?


Who were you married to then?

I was married to Professor Ore Yusuf.

Is he still alive?

Yes, he is in his 70s now.

Do you still relate with each other?

Of course, he calls and we talk. We have to, we have three children together even though it has been reduced to two now. We still talk. We talk like friends now.

Then I was very young and the disparity in our age was about 13 to 14 years. After my first marriage broke, I was in another relationship for about 17 years before we went our separate ways.

You got married for 17 years?

No. I did not marry. It is just a relationship. After that, I met my present husband. This is my second marriage.

Who are you married to now?

I am married to Reverend Bola Oyeledun of Methodist Church. He is a clergy. I am enjoying myself. I am enjoying marriage.

At 60, what do you want God to still do for you?

I want Him to keep me, my husband, children and grandchildren save. I want Him to grant me more years in good health to see my grand children grow.


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