‘My look is my unique selling point’- P.R.E


Nigerian artiste, David Kosowei Etete popularly known as P.R.E (Pretty, Rude and Entertaining), who hails from the South-South region of Nigeria (Bayelsa), brings his own brand of Afro infused rap to the Nigerian and international music scene. Formerly one half of duo Twisted Minds, P.R.E strikes out on his own as a confident and outspoken artiste with his individual style.
He spoke ENCOMIUM Weekly on his mission in the industry…

David Kosowei Etete

David Kosowei Etete

Why did you choose music?
I love it, music is in me. Music is me. That’s what I do. All the way from the soul to the outside to the physical appearance. It’s all about music. I live and breathe music.
Do you think your physical appearance can help your music?
Yes definitely.
In what way?
First, I’m a good-looking guy. Ladies love good looking guys. If the ladies love you, the guys will love you. If a lady says to a guy I want to hear P.R.E. The guy will say I want to hear P.R.E. Also I look like a musician, so I get a lot of attention. If I walk into a room people are automatically drawn to me because of my appearance.
When did you conceive the idea to go into music?
It must have been in SS1, that’s about 10 years ago.
What step did you take to actualize your dream?
I started practising, I started writing. I started performing a lot at school events. Music became a bigger part of my life. I was always in the studio recording and stuff like that.
When did you realize that music was what you were going to do?
At some point, I think I must have been around 18, 19 (right now I’m 24) when I said to my parents that I really want to do music. And they said all you have to do is prove yourself. I recorded some songs, we took them to a professional to listen to them, and he endorsed me. My parents were also impressed, and they also gave me the go ahead.

 David Kosowei Etete

David Kosowei Etete

Between that time and now, how many songs do you have?
Actually, I was originally part of a duo called Twisted Minds before I went solo. And with the duo, I put three songs, then the duo split. My first single as a solo artiste was called Tatashe. I also put out bad oh, let you know, Take it up featuring 2Face, Omoge featuring Dammy Krane and right now I’m pushing. Pick Pin.
So, why did you decide to part ways with your partner?
We just felt it was the best thing for us at that time. To grow as musicians and to grow as individuals, that was the right step for us.
Since I went solo, the feed back I have gotten is good. I mean, people are telling me that my music is good. But in this market, like in every other market, you have to push the product that you have. Get it to all the right places. You have to get your distribution links right.
Why do you think I should listen to your music?
I think you should listen to my music because I’m an intellectual, I make sure that my music has content.  I always try to talk about real life experiences, and things that people go through, so that they can relate to it. That should make you listen to my music. It can inspire you, you can learn from it, it can make you happy when you are not happy.
I think you should listen to my music ’cause it’s generally good music.
What kind of music do you do?
It’s Afro hip hop and R ‘N’ B with reggae infusion.
What song are you pushing now?
Actually my song Pick pin just came out today. That’s the new single I’m pushing right now. We just shot the video in New York with Sesan. The video is gonna be out probably in about two or three weeks.
So, what doaes it mean?
I’m sure a lot of people will remember that back in the days in school the punishment that’s called pick pin. So, I kind of related it when a man finally gets a woman, then the woman done pick the pin.
Who produced it?
It’s produced by TY MIX.
And the video?
It was shot by Sesan.
How was it working with TY Mix and Sesan?
Working with TY Mix was interesting. I mean, he’s a legend, he knows his onions, he knows what he’s doing. It was an amazing experience. We worked well together. Working with Sesan was good, and it’s actually my first time shooting a video in the States. It was a new experience. I got to experience a lot of new things. Sesan is a great director. He’s very professional. The shoot was very good, and I know it’s going to be a very good video.
How to do you relate with female fans?
Regardless who they are, I always try and be humble, be nice to them. I mean, girls go crazy over me, and I don’t mean to sound cocky. And I treat them like my sisters, like my friends.
What’s the craziest thing a female fan has actually done to you?
A female fan has actually chased me all the way from a show in New York recently to the after party, but nothing happened between us (smiles). Yeah, they do crazy things.

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