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‘My love for beauty and makeup inspired Dabota Cosmetics’ -Debota Lawson

Stunning former beauty queen Dabota Lawson has proved beyond reasonable doubt that she is not just a pretty face, but a woman with the complete beauty and brains.

She recently started her cosmetic line and it has become quite popular and well talked about.

Though she is married to billionaire Sunny Aku, that hasn’t stopped her from doing what she loves and becoming a tycoon.

The elegant young woman who likes to keep her personal life private talked strictly business with ENCOMIUM Weekly. She told us all about her Cosmetic line, why she started it, the products in her line and of course her daily beauty routine…


What inspired your cosmetic line?

1-Dabota (1)I have always been a lover of makeup and beauty right from a young age. However, I have a very sensitive skin which reacts easily to most make up and skin care products in the market today. This was one of the reasons I decided to start up my own make up line. First, to have a line that is focused mostly on women of colour and second to cater for all skin types, starting from the most sensitive skin to normal skin. Also I wanted to provide make up that actually does well with our hot weather in Africa. I achieved this by using very high standards of pigment and ingredients in the creation of Dabota Cosmetics.

How would you describe the response rate so far?

This is our sixth month since we launched. I would say that the response has been amazing. From the sales rate to the customers who often return to us with very good feedbacks. I must say that I am very proud and happy at the response Dabota Cosmetics is getting and I pray it only gets better.

Can you tell us the range of your cosmetic line?

Dabota Cosmetics covers everything from face ware such as foundations, primer, lip ware, eye ware to make up accessories such as brushes, vanity cases and the list goes on to skin care. Dabota Cosmetics would have colour stories released every year, with new products being introduced for spring, summer, fall and holiday collections.

What makes your cosmetic line unique?

Dabota Cosmetics has a very unique colour range, which was specifically selected for women of colour. Dabota Cosmetics is also unique because it is paraben free, hypo allergenic, allergy tested, non-comedogenic, fragrance free and not tested on animals.

What are the challenges of owning and running your own cosmetic line?

Every business has its own challenges, with change comes challenge and no matter how good Dabota Cosmetics is, I can’t stop challenges. Getting to this point in the business where we are wide spread around Nigeria and some parts of Africa, was a bit of a challenge. But I thank God we have overcome that and are moving to greater level.

What’s your daily beauty routine like?

After I take a shower, I start off by using my Dabota Lightening Lotion, I then kick start make up with the Dabota Primer to ensure my make up stays on and smooth all day. Then I move to my hi-def foundation. I highlight my face with the concealer trio in light. After that, I use my Dabota Dual Powder to set my whole face. To bring back the dimensions to my face, I use my Dabota 6-well contour kit to contour my face and my eyes. Blushing and bronzing is a must for me so I choose one of the two Dabota bronzers and blushes depending on the look I’m going for that day. To finish off, I use my Dabota illuminating lotion to add a flawless glow both to my body and face.

Which of your cosmetic products can’t you do without and why?

This is a no brainer. The Dabota Cosmetics Illuminating Lotion, I literally shower myself in it to have my skin glowing flawlessly all day.

How do you handle all the negativity people throw at you?

To be very honest, I barely get to see those things. I mean look at me, there is really no time to entertain that

What’s your projection for 2016 as regards your cosmetics line?

That is private and confidential information. However, I would like to use this platform to inform our loyal customers that we have a lot in store for them.

Where do you see Dabota Cosmetics in five years?

In five years, I believe that Dabota Cosmetics would be the preferred choice of makeup and skincare for all women of colour.



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