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‘My love for fashion inspired Bubu’s Wardrobe’- Busola Arobadi

Beautiful fashionista, Busola Aroladi is the brain behind Bubu’s wardrobe, a fashion house that sells men’s wears and fabrics. She believes in quality and this stands her out among others. Her fantastic and mind blowing fabrics made her a unique brand in today’s fashion world.

Speaking with ENCOMIUM Weekly, the English Language graduate of the prestigious University of Lagos revealed what has kept her business over the years, her experiences in the fashion world and much more.


Can you tell us about Bubu’s Wardrobe?

1-IMG_20160428_132205Bubu’s Wardrobe is all about fashion. When you talk about fashion, think of Bubu’s Wardrobe. I have been doing this fashion business for 5 years now. Although I started with ladies wears before diverting to men’s fabrics and wears. Then, I was mobile, there was no shop or store to display my wears. So, what I used to do then was to put them in my car and market them all around to my costumer. After I graduated from University of Lagos, I was working with Evergreen Music which was owned by Mr. Femi Osho. I worked with Evergreen Music for six years. While I was working, I have had the dream of going into fashion. I see it as a passion, something that I have within myself. I have always loved fashion right from my childhood. I started Bubu’s wardrobe before I left Evergreen Music, but then, I was into ladies wears and at the long run, I changed to men’s attire and I’m doing fine so far.

What inspired the name Bubu?

It’s from my name Busola. Family and friends prefer to call me Bubu right from time. Even my colleagues call me Bubu instead of Busola. So, I just chose to name my business after the name Bubu. That’s the idea behind Bubu’s Wardrobe.

You are a graduate of English Language at the prestigious University of Lagos, why did you choose fashion?

It’s the economic situation of the country (laugh). Fashion is my passion, it’s something I have loved all my life. So, I’m fine doing fashion business.

Can you tell us the peculiar challenges in your fashion business so far?

I didn’t have a shop then, I was mobile. I was going from one place to another to make sales. The challenges included walking up to people to talk to them about my business. Some listen while others ignore. Chasing customers, convincing them has been very challenging. Again, I will tell you we have different kinds of people. There are some who really love fashion, and they know what it means to be fashionable. When I was still doing mobile marketing, I have had a lot of experience from customers, but the charisma in me, the way I approach customers, the way I talk and convince you to patronize my wears shows the uniqueness in me that I really know what I’m doing.



Will you say you are fulfilled with this business?

Yes, I am. When I started this business, I never thought of having a shop, not even meeting the kind of people that I know now, but I was focused. I know what I was doing and know where I’m going to. I strategise a lot, I imagine what’s going to happen in the nearest future. I do ask myself this question, ‘What can I do: Who are my target customers? Am I going for the quality or quantity?’ Nigerian men these days are fashionable, they like quality things. If I don’t sell quality stuffs they won’t even patronize me. So, the idea of getting a shop came in when I realized I need to be available for my customers more. After giving them my complimentary card, they come straight to my shop to purchase whatever attire they need. And it has been fantastic so far. It’s not a job where I will wake up very early to work. It’s a business that I can just attend to my customers anytime. So, I will say I’m more fulfilled seeing my passion and dream comes true.

What stands Bubu’s Wardrobe out?

What actually stands Bubu’s Wardrobe out are my fabrics. When you go out there, you see a lot of stores around, they sell wears and attires. Some don’t even have those quality things that I have here. I get my fabrics from the good source. Later I added shoes, bags, slippers, and office wears which I normally get from good source. Even when I you visit other online stores that sell quality things, then you will know and give kudos to Bubu’s Wardrobe that yes, she sells quality things. So, I will tell you what stands me out is my uniqueness, I love good things and I appreciate fashion. From people’s appearance, I can assess what they are wearing and I so much love perfumes. It’s good to smell nice (laugh).



Tell us how you started Bubu’s Wardrobe. Did you get the capital from your office work?

I started the business fully with the help of my mum, plus my own income. The first trip I went was Dubai. I buy my fabrics from Dubai Emirate Mall, later I went to South Africa and I have been to Italy. But the kind of fabric I sell, I prefer Dubai.

How would you describe yourself in one word?

I’m unique. That’s the word, because anywhere I go to, I stand out.

What prompt the idea of switching from ladies wears to men’s attire?

Dealing with ladies is not a good experience for me, they owe a lot. When I realize the debts are killing my business, I had to switch to men’s wears and attire. I have realized it’s easier to deal with men compared to ladies. Though some men owe too, it’s less compared to ladies.

Who are your targeted customers?

I don’t sell for the working class alone, I sell to everybody. I don’t have a particular set of people that I sell to. If I tell you I sell for bankers alone, all bankers will not wear native. So, I sell to everyone, students, working class, everybody but mainly for those that know quality things, especially men. My market is not limited to Lagos alone, I have customers in other places in Nigeria. I just want Bubu’s Wardrobe to be known everywhere, that’s my target. May God help me.



What is it you do at your leisure period?

I love to sleep really. It’s not every time that I go for pleasure. When I set out for the day, the first thing on my mind is my business. That’s the first thing that drives me every morning. I talk to people about different things. I play a lot and I don’t watch movies but I listen to good music.

Let’s talk about your life, are you married?

I’m engaged, and I can tell you that my man understands everything about my business. He knows I deal with men in my line of business.

Can we say you got engaged with one of those customers you met in this business?

(Laugh) No! Not even in my line at all.

Your kind of business, what does festive period mean to you?

I will tell you first six months of the year, January to June, business is always low. A lot of people spend a lot during December festive period. I don’t joke with my business during festive period, the second half of every year is always nice business-wise.



If you are not into fashion business, what would you be doing?

Before I got admission into Unilag, my dream course was Mass Communication, because I really wish to become an on air personality. But at the end of the day, Unilag offered English which I did and graduated. Above all, I love fashion, I love it dearly, even in my next world, I will choose fashion again. Aside my business. I do other things for females, Like make-up, I fix lashes, I also tie gele but that’s not part of my business, I just do it for pleasure, I don’t get paid, I just love to do it. So, I will tell you I’m a fashionista.

What will you say are you fashion obsession?

That will be my hair. It has to be on point. I love make ups, but not too much. I love everything clothes – shoes, bags and accessories. Everything, I just love to look good.

Will you say Nigerian men love fashion?

Yes, they love fashion, they love quality. I give it to them 100 percent.

Who do you look up to in this fashion business?

I will tell you no one, I’m doing what I love, nothing more. What I will tell you is the design. I love shoes which is Versace.

Where do you want to see Bubu’s Wardrobe in the nearest future?

A big place, I want to spread this fashion business across Nigeria. I aim high a lot and I know I will get there by God’s grace.

Do you still have plans to combine ladies wears?

The only female wears I can combine is the evening wears, bags and shoe. Although I don’t know if I will do that.





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