‘My marriage break-up has taught me to be myself’ -Moji Olaiya

PRETTY actress, Moji Olaiya just added another feather to her cap.  She got an appointment as Cultural Ambassador to Ekiti State a couple of days back. The mother of one child who is recovering from the devastating blow of her broken marriage told ENCOMIUM Weekly on Thursday, October 17, 2013, that she has moved on but leaves reconciliation in the Hands of God.

She also spoke about her new appointment in Ekiti State.

Congratulations on your new appointment, how does it feel?

Thank you very much. I thank God and I give Him all the glory.  I am excited that the government has remembered me. It is a great honour, I really thank God.

How did you get the appointment?

I have been visiting the state, I mean Ekiti State. I am close to my home. When they found me worthy, they called me for it.

What gave you an edge over others?

I am not the only one, there were others on the list. I think it is just my good works. The state government saw my good works and decided to reward me for it.

What are your roles as a Cultural Ambassador to Ekiti State?

I am supposed to campaign for my state, if I see any opportunity and even create one.  I should be able to represent the state worldwide. I have some functions that I should attend to represent the state.

How much is involved?

I am not looking for anything like that. I am after the development of my state.  Whatever comes is a token from the government.

What is happening to you career wise, we have not been seeing much of you in movies?

I have been working. Maybe you have not been watching my films.  I have some movies which have just been released.  You know the nature of the industry right now, you have to be careful of the type of scripts you accept.  I just finished a stage play.  Another movie I featured in should be out soon. It was produced by Antar Laniyan.  I have done quite a handful of jobs.

What will happen to your acting career now that you have a state appointment?

I will still be functioning well in the industry, though I will be spending more time in Ekiti State now.  But I am still part of the industry, it wouldn’t affect my acting work at all.

Would you say you missed the marriage institution?

Yes, it is a good thing for a man to ask after you and your welfare.  What you are doing, where you have been that particular day. I am okay, I am still my normal self, nothing has changed about me. I now watch where I go then my every move.  But I have moved on.

Any room for reconciliation?

I leave that to God.  When God says yes, who am I to say no?  It all depends on God.

What are the lessons you have learnt from your ordeal?

I have learnt that I should always be myself. I have learnt how to depend more on God than on man. I have realized now that God is the only person you should depend on for everything.  I am closer to God more and I pray more.


  • This story was first published in ENCOMIUM Weekly on Tuesday, October 22, 2014



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