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‘My most exciting moment in the last five years was when I had my baby’ – Eazy Lizzy

Eazy Lizy

On Sunday, August 26, 2012, Bheerhugz Café, Ikeja City Mall (Shoprite), Alausa, Ikeja, Lagos, will be agog as female hip hop act, Elizabeth Olapeju, popularly known as Eazy Lizzy, will be celebrating five years on stage and a birthday party, all in one fold.

It’s expected that dignitaries from all walks of life, including politicos, famous entertainers, high society big wigs and many more will grace the occasion.

ENCOMIUM Weekly had an interview with the Awe, Oyo State born entertainer on this two-in-one event and much more on Friday, August 17, 2012.


You’re now five years on stage, how does it feel?

It feels great. I am particularly happy because when I look back and imagine how it all started and how far I have gone in my career, I always give glory to God for the fact that my journey so far has not been in vain.

Five years is also a landmark to appreciate one’s performance and all other things so far, what were the specific challenges that could have frustrated you out of the business?

I won’t say the road has been smooth, it has not been that easy coming this far. I really had a lot of challenges but I always follow my watch word which is being focused. I am always focused and determined, no matter how big or tough the challenge may be. So, because of that, I have been able to conquer all the challenges that perhaps might have truncated my career.

I thank God for He has given me the strength to come over all whatever might be considered as challenges as far as entertainment is concerned.

How would describe the experience so far?

I wouldn’t say it has been all that interesting but I would also say it has been. But all I would just say is that I give thanks to God. Life is not about experience but what you learnt from it because the higher you go, the more lessons you learn.

With God on my side, I believe whatever the experience might be, whether good or bad, I always receive it with joy.

When would you say was your most exciting moment since you started out?

My most exciting moment was the day I had my baby. I was so happy. There are lots of ladies out there that cannot even conceive, let alone giving birth to a baby. I always feel so happy about that. Even when I was in the hospital, I kept asking the nurses, “Where is my baby? Let me carry my baby’, just to show the level of my joy. It was my most exciting moment so far.

When also was your saddest moment?

I don’t even think about that. Definitely, there must have been some challenges that perhaps could have dropped tears from my eyes but I don’t like remembering, I don’t want to think about such things again because the moment they come, I put them behind me.

For now, I can’t remember any because my happiness has surpassed everything. I give God all the glory.

What are the decisions or steps you took that you need to readdress as far as your career is concerned?

People always tag me a fuji musician, whereas I’m not a fuji musician. If I say am not a fuji artist, they will refer to my collaborations with fuji artists.

But your brand of music is called fuji hip hop, so…

(Cuts in) You’re right but I am not a fuji act. That’s why I am trying to rebrand my stuff. I want to really find my way out of that because some music lovers out there are confused about that. Fine, I really thank God for working with all the fuji musicians because that really helped my career.

That’s what brought me this far but at the same time I still need to rebrand.

Is there anything wrong in your music?

No, there is nothing wrong at all with the genre, it’s music I have always loved. I just want people to see and feel the real me. That’s what I have proved in my next album.

So, it’s not going to be fuji hip hop again but hip hop in its entirety?

Yes, it’s going to be hip hop exclusively but with more of Afro-Naija hip hop.

In the last five years, how did you get your major break in your career?

That was when I had a duet with Pasuma. That’s what when I did Osomo. It really gave me a lot of recognition in the industry.

We learnt you just clocked 30 this year and the birthday will be celebrated alongside your five years on stage?

(Laughs) I heard you say you learnt I am 30, from some people, abi (laughs again). That’s not true, I am just a year older. It’s true I am celebrating my birthday that same day. That has even reflected in the invites that are already in circulation.

What’s the significance of celebrating the birthday elaborately when it’s not a landmark stage?

It’s significant to me because I want to thank God for what He has done in my life. And at this particular age, I have a beautiful gift from God. That’s why I decided to celebrate it in a big way and everything also coincides with my five years as an entertainer. So, to me it’s a landmark.

That means if you’re not 30, you must be 35 then?

(Laughs) All I know is that I need to thank God for taking me this far.

Okay, what are the preparations for that August 26, 2012, when you will be rolling out the drums?

Myself and my management Votec Revolution, are actually working out something fantastic to ensure that the day comes and ends glamorously. I am expecting the Lagos Action Congress of Nigeria chairman, Otunba Dele Ajomola, who will be playing the role of Father of the Day at the event.

Lagos State Deputy Governor, Chief (Mrs.) Adejoke Adefilure is also coming as mother of the Day. For me to be appreciated by this set of people. It shows that I have made a mark in my career.

That’s why I believe they’re associating with me. I see this as a great achievement for me, it’s also a sort of encouragement to move ahead. Just within my five years on stage. I really appreciate them as well and God will continue to be with them in all their endeavours.

Who are the likes of entertainers coming to the event?

All those that I had worked with in the last five years, including Pasuma, Obesere, Puffy T, Baba Nee and others. Also, the set of people I am working with presently including Eldee D Don, LKT and other hip hop artists.

After the celebration, what next?

People should just be expecting my new album. I will be dropping that very soon.

What’s the title of the album?

Let me just say, it’s all about me and music. When the time is ripe, people will know everything about the title and much more.

Have you taken part in any major show since you started your career?

Yes, I have been in a lot of major shows including the Glo Rock and Rule 2008, I toured about seven states including Kogi, Ondo and many more places including Federal Capital Territory, Abuja. I also took part in Star Trek, organized by Nigerian Breweries. I participated alongside other notable entertainers including D Banj, Obesere and others, Gbenga Adeyinka was the master of ceremony at the event. I was there and I did my own thing just like others.

Was any one outside the shores of this country?

No, but after the celebration, my management is packaging a show for me in Malaysia. Then, another one in the UK. So, I will be going for the two shows after we’re through with August 26, 2012 event.

  • This interview was first published in ENCOMIUM Weekly on Tuesday, August 21, 2012

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