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My new car is a Porsche not a Ferrari, says COSSY ORJIAKOR

Controversial actress cum singer,

her car

her car

is always in the news. The tale about the busty and humorous lady lately is that she bought a Ferrari worth N6 million.

Fans are questioning the source of her wealth. ENCOMIUM Weekly had an interview with her about this…


Congratulations! We heard you have just bought a new ride?

Yes, that is true. It feels cool really.

Some alleged it’s a Ferrari?

No, it is not a Ferrari. My friend is the owner of the Ferrari in the picture. Mine is a Porsche.

Why the choice of Porsche?

I don’t know. I just love the design. It is a convertible car. I saw it, fell in love with it and bought it. I bought it from a dealer in Abuja.

It was alleged that the car is worth N6 million?

It is not possible for me to tell you how much it is worth.

What model is your car?

I just got it. I didn’t care about the model while buying it, going by the economic situation of the country,

A lot of people believe the car is from a friend?     

No, it is not a gift. It is not from a friend.

It was also alleged that a male friend gave it to you?

I just told you that I bought the car from a car dealer in Abuja. It is not true. No male friend gave it to me.

Have you started riding the car?

No, I have not. It is still in Abuja and I am back in Lagos. I wouldn’t bring it to Lagos. The road to my house is not good. It is a water-logged area. I prefer to leave it in Abuja.

A lot of people believe you live a flamboyant life, they also questioned the source of your wealth?

I don’t know what they mean by that. I am not living a flamboyant life. The car is just a normal one. It is nothing really.  I thank God that they are saying my source of money is questionable. I don’t have anything to say about it. I appreciate those peddling the rumour.


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