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‘My party platform and my goodwill gave me victory’ –   HON. TUNDE BRAIMOH

HON. Tunde Braimoh, a former chairman of Kosofe Local Government Council is going to serve the people in another capacity.  He has just been elected to represent Kosofe Constituency II at the Lagos House of Assembly in the just concluded April 11, 2015 governorship and House of Assembly elections.


We want to congratulate you on your victory at the poll, sir.

Thank you very much, my dear brother.  God bless you.

How do you feel about the victory?

I feel good and happy.

What would you say is responsible for your victory at the poll?

The platform of my party.  It is a very strong platform which has now become increasingly stronger at the federal level.  The credibility of my party is also another factor responsible for my victory at the poll.

The yearning of the people for change is another.  People really want to experiment another facet of government.  They don’t want to continue with the stagnant and obsolete system of PDP.  My own goodwill too is there. I have been well connected to people as the former mayor of the city years back.  The people have not forgotten my good deeds and contributions at that time.  I think those are the factors that were responsible for my victory at the poll.

What was the difference in the votes you garnered from that of your closest opponent?

Quite a lot, about 17,000 difference.  Very comfortable wide margin.

Has your opponent congratulated you?

He hasn’t.  I think because he is not a veteran like us.  He probably did not know what to do immediately. The president has done it, that is experience.  Some others have done it too.

Have you extended your hand of fellowship to him?

I will do that at the right time because we are planning a town hall meeting very soon to thank the people specially.  We will invite all the contestants to that forum to share their own ideas and thoughts with us so that we can include them in our blueprint.  It’s all in the interest of our constituency.

Would you like to share with us how much this victory cost you financially?

(Laughter) My brother, let me say this.  Anywhere in the world, democracy is not cheap.  You need to reach the people. I am not talking in terms of money being spent, I am talking about souvenirs, you need to print posters, banners, handbills, memorabilia, etc.  Even in America and anywhere in the world, people have to do that for you.  There is no way you can talk to the people without giving them something to remember you.  Those things cannot be quantified because many of them are done by your friends.  Friends like you have given me support time and time again.  My party (APC) did a lot of things for us too.  So, it is not entirely my own spending.

What will be your priority to the people of Kosofe Constituency II as their representative in the House of Assembly?

My first priority will be to put so many natural disasters that have affected our constituency right.  Natural disaster like flood that has negatively affected the people.  I am not going in as a commissioner for works but as a lawmaker, I will certainly put a lot of pressure on the executive to put many of these devastations right.

I am going to apply my influence to see that as soon as possible I bring succor to the people of my constituency.  Many of our roads and drainages too that are in bad shape will also be corrected in order to bring good life to the people.



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