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‘My relationship is private’ – actress, Aisha Abimbola

Aisha Abimbola, one of the top Nollywood actresses and a member of the Golden Movie Ambassadors of Nigeria (TGMAN) celebrated her birthday at Club Vegas on Saturday, December 19, 2015, and had the eve celebrated at Yoruba Tennis Club, Onikan, Lagos.

ENCOMIUM Weekly had a chat with her and she told us what she has been up to lately and more…


We learnt you celebrated your birthday recently?

Yes, I celebrated my birthday but I am not going to disclose my age. I am well above 40, I celebrated my 40th birthday years back.

What is your assessment of the movie industry?

Like I would always say, the movie industry is getter better. We are like a child that just started growing and takes everything one step after the other. But all the same, we are moving forward.

We learnt you own a shop in Surulere. How true is that and what exactly do you deal in?

Owning a shop in Surulere is a prophecy and I say Amen to it. I do not own a shop in Surulere, but basically, I am into beddings. I package beds and pillow cases and put them out for sale. I am also a caterer. I cater for events and also I have started selling food, basically Nigerian dishes because I read Hotel Management and Catering and I just cannot give it up. Recently a friend in the US sent cars and it has been on my DP to publicise them for sale. I just want to do anything that is legitimate, decent and will fetch me money.

I run my business online, so when people place order, I ask my girls to deliver items ordered for.

Why is it that most of the actresses are diverting into business? Does it mean the movie industry is crumbling?

In Nigeria of today, a lot of professionals are diverting into business due to economic woes. The country has opened our eyes to other avenues of making money. We just have to do other things to make ends meet.

What is your beauty routine?

I grew up using coconut oil (Adi agbon). My father stored coconut oil in large containers for us and we also used black soap to bathe. This is what I grew up with so I am very careful with the cream and soap I use. I do not use cream that contains bleaching ingredients, I do not eat late at night to avoid excess tummy and fat, I do not go to bed with my makeup on, but usually I do not makeup. When I wear a makeup, I make sure it’s very light except when I have makeup sessions. At times I tell the makeup artist to make it light. I am not a makeup person. I do not wear clothes that are too tight. I wear basically things that a lady should wear.

What is going on now in your association, The Golden Movie Ambassadors of Nigeria, which is headed by Saidi Balogun. It seems the association is not waxing strong unlike before?

We are still waxing strong. We are doing other things that will open doors globally. There are lots of things going on in The Golden Movie Ambassadors of Nigeria that is not known to Nigerians. The association is a big project that cannot die.

How do you feel being a single mother?

Who told you I am a single mother. I am not going to discuss that with you. My marriage and relationship is not for the media.


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