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‘My wife is a shameless and remorseless prostitute’ -Dr. Adeyeri, husband of Lagos ex-LCDA chairperson

Olusegun Adeyeri, the estranged husband of Mrs. Adedayo Adeyeri, the immediate past chairperson of Iba LCDA in Lagos State has described his wife as a shameless and remorseless adulterer cum prostitute that is well known across Badagry Division of Lagos State.

Dr. Adeyeri, who is a lecturer and researcher in the Department of History and International Studies, Faculty of Arts, Lagos State University, Ojo, Lagos, was responding to his estranged wife’s petition in Divorce Suit No. ID/486WD/2013, in the High Court of Lagos State, Ikeja Judicial Division.

His words, “The petitioner (his wife, Mrs. Adedayo Adeyeri) is widely known as a shameless and remorseless adulterer cum prostitute across Badagry Division, in particular the wife of the immediate past vice chairman of Oriade Local Council Development Area (LCDA), Mr. Gbolahan Daudu, in early 2014 complained through her friend (my office colleague), that the petitioner (his wife) no longer allowed her husband to sleep in their matrimonial home and that, I should call the petitioner to order.”

He went further to say that his estranged wife, while they were living together was in the habit of not only keeping late nights but returning home drunk.

He also claimed Hon. Ramota Adedayo Adeyeri (his wife) has an incurably violent and destructive personality which she often exhibits without provocation.

He mentioned instances in which she threw ceramic plates at him which resulted in bodily injury.  He said, sometime in 2009, his wife threatened him with a kitchen knife.

He said his wife was also in the habit of traveling out of the matrimonial home for days without his consent.

While not objecting to his wife’s request for divorce from the 14 year-old marriage, he vehemently objected to her having the custody of their two children Master Olusegun – Michael Adeyeri (14) and Master Olufemi Emmanuel Adeyeri (12) – on the ground of her “reckless and remorseless adulterous affairs with various men including fuji artiste, Alhaji Wasiu Ayinde (a.k.a K1 de Ultimate), and some elements described as ‘small boys.’

That contrary to what his wife told the court in her petition that she is a trader, that she is a professional politician, who until October 2014, was the Chairman of Iba Local Council Development Area (LCDA).

Dr. Adeyeri agreed with his wife that their 14 year-old marriage should be dissolved on the grounds that the marriage has broken down irretrievably.

That his wife has behaved in such a way that he cannot reasonably be expected to live with her again.  That the two of them have lived apart for more than two years.

Mrs. Adedayo Adeyeri, was once a member of Lagos House of Assembly before she was appointed Vice Chairman of Iba Local Council Development Area and later elected the chairman.


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