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‘My wife is a special child from God’ – Hakeem Rahman

On Saturday, December 10, 2016, famours actor, Hakeem Rahman formalised his marriage to his pretty lover, Deborah Isiomah Chikogwu at Ikeja Marriage Registry, Lagos.

The event only attracted a couple of family members and friends.

ENCOMIUM Weekly had a chat with the new couple, and they shared with us their love story and much more…


Congratulations on today’s event?

Thank you so much, my brother.

How does it feel taking this giant stride by formalizing your marriage to your younger lover, Deborah Isiomah despite many challenges you might have encountered?

It’s a good thing. Basically, it’s something we have been looking forward to. We thank God that God made it happen today. And it has come to pass despite all the challenges along the line that almost put a hold to it. But thank God we survived the scourge. I believe devil is a liar. God has put devil and his squad to shame. Basically, we will live our lives in a peaceful and wonderful atmosphere in Jesus name.

Hakeem Rahman & Deborah Isiomah

Hakeem Rahman & Deborah Isiomah

The last time we had a chat with you on the marriage, you said that would be your first time of taking a woman to the altar. But the belief was that you’re once married; can you shed light on this?

That’s the belief of people just as you rightly said, because when you see a mature man, definitely you don’t expect him to be single. But as a mature man, this is my first time of taking a woman to this level. I have never taken a woman to the registry, being this committed, doing the traditional wedding and all that. That has been the first time in my life.

But you said you have grown up children…

Yes, she knows that.

What happened to their mother?

Myself and their mother were not married but we both have matured children who are graduates by their own rights. Definitely, they’re not children, they’re adults as well. Their mother is married to another man now. So, that’s what led me to be in another marriage now. She has moved on already. So, I also need to move on. I travelled to the United States of America and before I came back, she had moved to another man. Though, we’re not married. So, that means she was not interested in the relationship again. She has moved on with her life. So, I also need to move on with mine.

That one took like how many years before you took this decision?

It took me about five years. But Deborah and I met about two years ago. She’s actually from Delta State; we met in Lagos here about two years ago. But from the first day I met her, I saw that sign in her that she’s going to be my wife. I proposed to her on the first day.

How did she feel when you proposed to her?

First, she felt embarrassed because that’s the first day I met her but I told her God told me I should marry you. And she has been a wonderful woman ever since. One thing I noticed about her is that any time I do something good to her; I always get good reward for that from God. Good results in my efforts. More jobs, more scripts and more money coming in. That means she is a special child. She’s actually a twin. Yes, she’s not an ordinary person. She is somebody that if you treat nicely, you will get better reward for it. That’s why I fell this is the right person I should get married to.

Would you now say coming together as husband and wife would change everything about your life and career?

Of course, it will change everything. There will be a great transformation. That’s why when good thing like this wants to happen in one’s life, a lot of evil people will come around to scuttle it. So, they tried to frustrate all our efforts to get closer. Every step they have taken, God has just been able to conquer them. So, we’re more than conquerors for us to have achieved this today.

How did her family react to her marriage to you being very much older than her?

The age difference is not much she’s not a kid, she’s 20, and she’s a mature woman.

But the news was that Hakeem Rahman was getting married to a 19 year old lover.

(Cuts in) No, they’re wrong. I told you when you called me then that it’s true. She’s not that young, she only has baby face. She’s very intelligent. She’s a wonderful person. Even, if I am older than her, she’s stronger spiritually. She is really co-operating and coping very well.

How old exactly is Hakeem Rahman now?

I am an adult, I don’t talk about that (laughs).

But there’s this report that you’re 61, how true is it?

(Laughs) That’s not true. Don’t mind them. It’s a lie. Even, my wife knows my age because my younger ones have revealed my age to her. That means I am in the same age with her father. It’s wrong, I am not at all up to that.

But the belief our there is that marrying a younger girl is not always easy because satisfying them sexually may be very difficult?

God has built me very strong, and I don’t have sex anyhow, I have it when necessary. So, any time I want it, I do it and enjoy it fully. A lot of people are looking younger than me but can’t perform the way I could. I don’t do it anyhow. Sex is a spiritual thing. Each time you make love, you lose a lot of things spiritually to a woman you do it with.

Any plan for honey moon?

I doubt it, with the nature of my job. But I intend to go to the US next year with her. I will get her passport, fix in the visa because I already have a readymade visa on my passport. So, we’ll go together, and that’s the end of it. We will definitely do that next year when I am done with all the jobs on the line for me. I am busy now with some jobs and while I am busy, she’s also busy doing her business, because she’s a very good business woman.

How many children do you plan to have together?

We plan for two, a boy and a girl. We want a sizeable family we can maintain because these days, paying school fees is not easy.

How did your children react to your marriage to her?

They love her. They speak with her, especially my last born. They all love her seriously. They’re so free with her so also she is with them. My wife is a kind of person that would not do anything unless she brings the family closer. Even, my younger sisters and brothers, she has brought everybody closer, breaking the gaps within the family. She’s a very wonderful and mature human being.




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