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N35m G-Wagon winner, PRINCEWILL NWOSU recaps his moment of joy

PRINCEWILL Uzochukwu Nwosu, 39 year-old Lagos-based transport manager (with Ekesons) who won the N35 million Mercedes Benz G-Wagon in Glo/CAF Awards Predict and Win on January 8, 2015, is still thanking his stars.

From Nnewi (Anambra), Nwosu is relishing the big league and enjoying his new status.

Celebrated by neighbours and colleagues, 2015 couldn’t have started on a brighter note for the United Kingdom returnee (he relocated two years ago and remarried last year).


How does it feel winning?

I feel so happy.  All members of my family feel so good. My life has changed.  I believe God did it for me.  I am so happy.

Did you have premonition that your fortune will change overnight?

I used to feel something like this. I have seen something like this before.  I play lottery and Baba Ijebu.  I have won severally.  I have won N21,000 before, I played with N1,000. I also won N32,000 when I played with N1,500.  At the beginning of the year, most especially on New Year Eve, I prayed earnestly to God for a change of fortune.  God has answered my prayer.

What were the criteria in determining the winner, how did you scale through?

I don’t know the criteria but I believe I did the right thing.  I have even forgotten that I put in anything until I received a call from Glo.

Can you tell us how you got the good news?

I just received a call from Glo.  At first, I did not believe them. I thought it was one of those 419 people. They kept on calling, that was when I believed them.  I was told to come to Glo office to see the G-Wagon.  I don’t drink but I drank that day.  I was just jumping and jollificating. It was as if my head would touch the roof.  It was a great joy for me to receive such news.

Can you tell us the process you went through while playing?

I loaded a recharge card of N5,000 and I sent a message, they replied me and that was it.

Was it your first time of playing?

I used to play lottery on different networks.  It was not my first time of playing on Glo too.

Is the Mercedes G-Wagon your first car?

No, it is not my first car but my first brand new car. I used to buy Tokunbo because I was staying abroad before.  I have a Golf and a Toyota Corolla before I got the G-Wagon.

What will you do to the car, are you using it or selling it?

No, I am not selling it. I have already started using it.  I have given out my other two cars.  I gave my cousin and niece my other cars.

What about your wife, why didn’t you give her one or are you not married?

Yes, I am married.  My wife has her own car that is why I didn’t give her.

Is there any agreement between you and Glo to brand the car?

There is nothing like that.  The car has just a sticker from Glo.

What was your reaction when you got the call?

I don’t know, I can’t even explain it.  Let me say I was shocked.  I was at a newspaper stand, people grabbed me and screamed, they were rejoicing with me. I can’t even go out like that again, people will just be all over me.

How did you hear about the competition?

I got a text message from Glo.  I also saw it in sports papers.

Any monetary prize attached to it?


You said you were based abroad before, when did you come to Nigeria?

I was in Germany till 2012.  I came to Nigeria in 2014.  I came to Nigeria with my family.

How did your neighbour receive the news of your good fortune, any special treatment?

My neighbours were happy, they were all anxious to see me come back from Glo office, they waited for me that day but I didn’t come back till the second day, when I came back the second day, it was a red carpet treatment, they started treating me specially.

Have you celebrated with friends and family?

Yes, we went out to have a nice time together.

How are your colleagues taking the good fortune?

They are also happy. They all want to share in my fortune, they were asking me for money.

How are you settling in well with the sudden upgrade in your life?

I thank God, everything has changed.  When I go out, people point to me as the Mercedes G-Wagon winner.

How are you handling fame?

I am still my old self, nothing really has changed except the fact that I have a new car.

What do you have to say to Glo?

I will say I am so happy that I am using Glo network.  I thank Glo for giving me a chance. I thank them for the G-Wagon.  I advise others to keep on using Glo, they will win one day.

Tell us about your family.

I am happily married.  My wife’s name is Mrs. Ugochi Nwosu, she is a fashion designer.  We are blessed with a year old daughter.


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