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N49 million cash found by EFCC is minimum wage for 226 years!

The mint cash notes totalling N49 million found by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission at Kaduna Airport earlier today (Tuesday, March 14), following a tip off, can pay the minimum wage of N18,000 per month for 226 years and 8 months!

Apart from paying a worker’s minimum wage for over 226 years, here are some of the ways to know how huge N49 million is:


1.The humongous amount in five large 150kg sacks in N200 and N50 notes also can pay 226 workers on minimum wage of N18,000 per month for a year.


  1. If you spend N1 million from the money whose owners have disappeared every year, you will live large for 49 years.


3.Those with modest taste can buy a house with N49 million in many parts of Lagos.


  1. And if you decide to put it in an interest yielding account at 10%, you will get N4.9 million every year for as long as you wish without touching the principal of N49 million.


  1. If you decide to change it to dollars at the black market at today’s rate of N450/ $1 you will have almost $109,000!


  1. Even if you lavish N100,000 every month, it will take you 40 years and 8 months to go through N49 million.


The EFCC which said investigation was ongoing about the cash discovery, revealed:

“During a routine baggage screening, five sacks were sighted unattended and without tags containing fresh bulk items suspected to be money.
“Upon examination, the bags were found to contain fresh crispy naira notes of N200 denomination in 20 bundles totaling forty million naira and N50 denomination in 180 bundles totaling nine million naira with seal purportedly emanating from the Nigeria Security and Minting Plc as seen in the labeled sealed packs.”




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