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National Youth Wing of Ohanaeze Ndigbo eulogizes Governor Uzodimma

The National Youth Wing of Ohanaeze Ndigbo has poured encomiums on the Executive Governor of Imo State, Distinguished Senator Hope Uzodimma over his vision and passion towards developing Imo State.

This they did at a World Press Conference in Owerri, the Imo State Capital Saturday where they reeled out series of achievements of Governor Uzodimma in his first 100 days in office.

Presenting the achievements to the public, the deputy National President of National Youth Wing of Ohanaeze Ndigbo, Dr. Kingsley Dozie informed that the achievements of the Governor in the 100 days of piloting the affairs of Imo State include the incredible feat of digital automation of Imo finances.

This they said, means all expenditure of Imo State will henceforth be captured electronically through the State’s Data Centre. To them, this is a great digital revolution that guarantees corruption-free and transparent Government financial dealings.

Akin to the above, is the revolutionary sanitization of the hitherto corruption-infested public sector payroll system by Governor Uzodimma.

Again, the group pointed to the achievement in the area of turnaround maintenance of the Otamiri Water Scheme which was left in comatose since 1996. This turnaround has guaranteed public water supply to the State Capital and its environs. However, they expressed regret over the activities of sadists that recently vandalized the signature achievement.

Furthermore, they recognized the achievement of the Governor in the reactivation of ADAPALM which had been abandoned for over 15 years. 

They also noted that the reactivation which has put the oil mill back to life is capable of producing 100 metric tons of first grade red oil in a day and that when in full production, ADAPALM is capable of giving 35,000 Imo youths employment, which thry said is an incredible achievement.

They equally noted the immeasurable achievement of the Governor in 100 days in the areas of road rehabilitation and reconstruction as he first took needs assessment of the roads aimed at ensuring flood-free roads in a heavy rainy season like the ones experienced in the past years.

In the Civil Service sector, they recognized the reconstruction and renovation of the State Secretariat Complex, the presentation of brand new vehicles to Permanent Secretaries and Judges in Imo State. 

Besides, they said that the Governor had embarked on an ambitious programme to curb unemployment in the State through the initiative of 5,000 graduates training on entrepreneurship and skills acquisition aimed at assisting them to establish their businesses, making the youths resourceful and employers of labour.

Finally, in their honest presentation, they acknowledged the efforts of the Governor and the established achievements in the area of security of life and property in the first 100 days through the launching of ‘Operation Search and Flush’ and the presentation of 100 Security Vehicles equipped with the State of art security gadgets for the fight against crime and criminality.

To them, Imo people are back to the good old days of honest, transparent and purposeful governance hence they appealed to Imo citizens to ignore the desperate antics of those who have refused to accept the fact they never won an election in Imo State, and support the God-given government of Senator Uzodimma.

Adding his voice, the South East Leader of the group, Okey Paul Nwankwo commended the Governor on his resilience in ensuring that the COVID-19 pandemic does not ravage and or take Imo people unawares. He asserted that the various measures taken by Governor Uzodimma has so far given Imo people a better place in the reckoning of those that have effectively contained the spread of the pandemic disease.

Oguwike Nwachuku

Chief Press Secretary/Media Adviser (Gov.)



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