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NBA Finals : Quick stats about the exciting tournament


It is no news that Cleveland Cavaliers are celebrating their league champion titles having made it through the western and eastern conference first rounds, semifinals and finals, thanks to the team’s Most Valuable Player, LeBron James, 31. This was not made in one game; it was the 24th game for the League’s runner – Golden State Warrior and the 21stgame for the champions having played for a cumulative period of 5040 minutes, that’s 84 hours.

The well celebrated champion, LeBron James who led the team to victory had played for 822 minutes with a quite impressive 219 field goals, 417 field goal attempts and 323 2-pt field goals attempts.

The championship has definitely gone to the Cavs and LeBron James is presently one of the most talked-about sportsmen on the surface of the earth. However, other playoff leaders in the tournament would include Golden State Warriors’ Draymond Green who stayed longer than any other person on the pitch in a total of 879 minutes, Klay Thompson with 201 amazing field goals and 453 field goal attempts- the most in the league for the year- 2016.

Toronto Raptors and Oklahoma City Thunder were the two other teams to make it through to the Finals of the tournament.

Hosting a soccer street championship could take a lot more logistics, human resources and most definitely more money than the organizers could have planned; it may be unclear the total amount spent for this year NBA’s league, it is amazing that the least amount it actually cost a fan into the Game 4 was $342.11 a ticket, while tickets for Game 4 of the NBA Finals sold between $342.11 and $40,000 (The most expensive listing for a pair of upper-deck seats, followed by courtside seats worth $25,000 per ticket.) on Flash Seats

In the end, one can really take delight in the glamour and prestige that comes with experiencing the NBA championship regardless of how much it cost.

– Adebote ‘Seyifunmi for


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