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Need more sex? Try this one simple thing

You may never have linked the act of sharing and giving to having more sex in your lifetime. Though it seems unconnected, two studied have confirmed that being a charitable person does not only get you the attention of the opposite sex but makes them horny, emotional bottled up and ready to fire.

After a period of research, the British Journal of Psychology has published two studies confirming that being generous is all you may need to do if your crave more sex. It doesn’t matter if you’re giving to charity, taking care of pets, singing lullabies to babies, spending time with old people in retirement homes or making societal donations… you’re automatically welcoming all the opposite to your heart with open arms.

It was reported, “In the first study, 297 single men and women were asked how much charity work they do, and how often they have sex. The results showed that the more charity work men do, the more people they have sex with in a lifetime. And the same goes for women, too! Charitably active women were found to have received more sexual attention than women who don’t give back to society.

“In the second study, people were given $100, and had the choice to either keep the money, or donate part or all to charity. It was revealed that men who donated most or all of that money to charity had more sex than the greedy kin, as did charitable women. Sharing really is caring!”

So, stop nagging about not having enough sex, start being charitable and ‘bang’ there you go.


– ‘Seyifunmi Adebote for

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