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Neighbours of lovers who died in a car claimed they were murdered

As controversies continue to trail the shocking and sudden death of Lukman Olowu and Promise Nse Clement who were both found inside a car in Ogba, Lagos, on Sunday, October 29, 2017, visited Shonola street, Ogba-Aguda, Lagos today, Wednesday, November 1, 2017 and had a chat with few residents of the street on the incident. They all expressed shock and disbelief over the controversial death. They insisted the death was beyond ordinary and that the deceased couldn’t have been secret lovers as being peddled. 


‘Lukman and Promise couldn’t be lovers’ – VERY VERY

I am from Delta state. I can swear with anything that Lukman and Clement’s wife were not sleeping with each other. They were murdered, and only God knows their killer. But I still believe nemesis will catch up with their killer one day. Lukman was a very straight person. He was very friendly and can do anything to assist people. When he was alive, we’re always at his father’s house during Sallah festival, even with Clement. I have known Lukman for about 20 years. He was a very good person. It will be very difficult to get over the incident, too shocking. Even, from the way they were positioned inside the car, one would know they were driven to that spot dead by their killer.


‘The death was suspicious’ – MR MIKE

When the news broke on Sunday morning, we all couldn’t believe our ears. But on getting to the spot, we also couldn’t believe and comprehend what we saw because it’s unthinkable that Mr Lukman and Promise could be dating. Not even that, both of them found dead inside the car after having sex with each other. To me, I can’t believe that because Lukman I knew couldn’t do such a thing. If at all he wanted to do that, he could afford any hotel room around, whether short rest or lodging. He wasn’t a shameless person. And nobody on this street will tell you he was a man of such a character. Even, I don’t even think the woman can as well do that. A lot of stories have been published about the incident, and most of them were false. There was no time Promise’s husband and Lukman or any other man quarrelled about his wife on any illicit affair whatsoever. We all have to seek forgiveness from God on the issue as nobody could come out and say he or she was there when they were making love.


‘I think Lukman was just a victim of circumstance’ – IDRIS ISIAQ

“Lukman wasn’t a womaniser, that I am sure of. If at all he wanted to do anything of such, it won’t be between himself and his friend’s wife. They never lived in the same compound as many were made to believe. I learnt Promise’s husband, Clement had quarreled with one man on our street here, and warned him to stay away from his wife, but not Lukman because I don’t think they were lovers. Lukman was just unfortunate. Something else might have led to their death, but God knows best.”

  • Tade Asifat

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