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Yes, you should never follow fashion. If you are well settled in your skin, have a flourishing career or business, and want to be trusted by your peers.

Once you are past ‘egocentric’ and ‘desirous of impressing age’, you should avoid whatever is fashionable and dated.

You should pick only classic pieces which flatter your shape and suit your age.  You should assemble attires which serve you well in your career, leisure and play. Items which tell your story well.

Apparels with a beautiful story to tell about your character and the things that are important to you.  That paints a picture of where you are from (a rich culture exemplified in cut and embroideries) and where you are and want to be.

ALEX AKINYELE-LThose who lead in every department laugh at matured men who want to mimic young lads with a long future ahead of them willing to make mistakes unabashedly.

Your clothes must tell a profoundly well composed story which needs no footnotes, a tale of a gentleman unafraid of his pedigree and comfortable with his age.

Stylish people don’t follow fashion.  They adapt high fashion to their every day endeavours. They pick well, and abandon fashion and fads for impressionable lads.

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