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Never transgress dress codes!

 GENTLEMEN are respectful and considerate –and one of their objectives is to amplify the joy of those celebrating or putting an event together.

And one of the very first ways you show respect to a host is to obey their dress codes.  Once you don’t, you are announcing that you are not a worthy guest.  You think of yourself too important and above rules.  That sends an upsetting message.  And hosts who enforce their dress code rules to the letter will not hesitate to ‘delist’ you or bar you from their occasion.

What does it take to obey dress codes?

IMG_5608Just the basic understanding of occasions, and what dress code they require or, better still, following what the invitation card dictates.

Let’s start with white tie!

White tie means white tie in Marcella fabric with matching shirt and waist coat, and the tail suit and trousers.

Black tie or formal means tuxedo and black bow tie, white shirt, cummerbund or waist coat.

Casual and semi formal are easy.  Casual means chinos or jeans, shirt or T-shirt, jacket or ‘jacket-less’.

Semi formal means you should adorn a jacket or blazer, chinos or trousers, tie or sans tie.
Sometimes an occasion demands only lounge suits.  Then you adorn a suit and a tie.

Some occasions are colour specific – so follow the rules.  If a colour is offensive or you just can’t be bothered, excuse yourself from the shindig, and inform the host that you are unavailable.

Never transgress dress codes!



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