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New cancer drug extends life by three extra months

A new breast cancer drug that will help lots of women have been approved by the National Health Scheme (NHS). The drug, Eribulin, a life-extending drug for women with breast cancer has been licenced for safety use. Eribulin increases life expectancy, from the usual two years expectation by adding three extra months to women with breast cancer.

Experts say the drug would give extra time to patients and give them chance to spend more time with their families. The wonder drug which cost £10,830 for an average of six months of treatment is used via a drip twice every three weeks.

According to the director of the centre for health technology evaluation, Professor Carole Longson, “The life expectancy of people for whom Eribulin is licensed is short, and quality of life is very important. We are therefore pleased to be able to provisionally recommend Eribulin as an additional option for people with advanced breast cancer.”

Eribulin stops cancer sells from separating and blocks the growth of tumour. With its approval, breast cancer patients are optimistic that there’s an alternative option against the disease.

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