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‘New Ooni will ascend the throne soon’ – Kingmakers

Prince Adeyeye Enitan Ogunwusi

+ Deny bribe scandal

THE new Ooni of Ife, Adeyeye Enitan Ogunwusi, whose announcement as the next occupant of the revered throne was formally made on Monday, October 26, 2015, by Osun State government, is said to be in seclusion (Ilofi or Ipebi) at the moment, undergoing traditional rites as demanded by the custom of Ile Ife, and of course, Yorubaland as a whole.

An illustrious son of Ile Ife (The Source) who didn’t want his name mentioned said the Ooni-elect may not complete the usual three-month spiritual fortification in Ilofi before formally ascending the throne of his forefathers.

“The new Ooni is likely to break the tradition of spending three months in seclusion.  I learnt he may just spend few weeks because the process that led to his emergence has dragged beyond expectation.  And that has already affected plans for his coronation.  He’s already in Ilofi but may be out in less than two weeks or thereabouts.  I learnt the coronation is very much likely to hold on Saturday, November 21, 2015.”

Asked to shed light on the need for the new Ooni to remain in seclusion for a period of time before ascending the throne, the source disclosed, “Do you think Ooni of Ife is a child’s play?  It’s usually the most contested stool in Yorubaland being our cradle.  So, anybody that’s chosen by the oracle to fill the vacancy can’t just ascend the throne like that without being fortified spiritually.

“A lot of people are trying to modernize things like that in some parts of Yoruba land, but Ife culture doesn’t permit that.  If you like call yourself born again, you must undergo the traditional rites as far as you have decided to come out and you’re chosen.

“But the fear now is that the guy is still very young.  And little, I think he understands concerning that.  No matter what, he should have been prepared for the challenge ahead.  And I thank God for him, his father is very much alive, he would be putting him through before he gains his balance.”

On Monday, November 2, 2015, ENCOMIUM Weekly got across to His Royal Highness (HRH), the Jaara of Ife, High Chief Adeyeye Adekola, he assured us that Ogunwusi’s coronation won’t take long.

“Yes, we thank God we have gotten a new Ooni of Ife.  And preparations are in top gear for his coronation.”

Asked to shed light on the tale that the new Ooni won’t complete the usual traditional 90 days in Ilofi before he would be formally installed, he reacted, “That depends on some factors.  I can’t really comment on that now.  But one thing I want people to realize is that if not all the legal tussles that almost hindered the whole process, the new Ooni should have been installed because October 28, 2015, was exactly three months that Oba Okunade Sijuade (Olubuse II) joined his ancestors.  And if the process of selection wasn’t delayed, he should have completed the three months in Ilofi.  But he can’t spend less depending on the situation and kingmakers’ decision.  But I can’t say for now whether he would do that.  We will surely get back to you as the event unfolds.”

On the issue of the aggrieved contestants and Ife Princes who also laid claim to the exalted stool and consequently challenged the matter in court, he said, “They have withdrawn their charges.  They’re all rallying round the chosen one, Adeyeye Ogunwusi.

“We’re peace loving people of Ife.  We’re all warming up for the coronation which will come up at the appropriate time.”

Meanwhile, the Obadio of Ife, Oba Olajide Faloba has reportedly said the new monarch could spend three months or 21 days in Ilofi where certain rituals would be carried out on him before he would be finally installed.  He said this while addressing a group of journalists in Osogbo on Monday, October 26, 2015, during the formal declaration of Ogunwusi as the new Oonirisa of Ile Ife.

“He would spend 21 days in Ilofi where certain rites would be carried out on him.  It’s after the rites that the new Ooni could ascend the throne,” he was quoted to have said.

Also Oba Isoro, Olaolu Onirewon corroborated Faloba’s submission.  He added that the need for the Ooni to be physically present at Ife popular festival, Odun Olojo, has necessitated the likely reduction in the days he would spend at the seclusion.

“The new Ooni would spend 21 days in Ilofi where rituals would be carried out on him before he would be installed.  He could spend more days but the time would be limited because Odun Olojo is around the corner and his presence would be needed there,” he was also quoted to have said.

Reacting on the issue, one of the contestants for the exalted throne and a Giesi descendant, Oba Adewale Ojutalayo, the Larooka of Wanikin said, “The journey to the throne has already commenced since the day he was announced as Ooni-designate.  Right now, he is in Ilofi for the usual traditional rites.  But I can’t say specifically how long he would stay there because I am not in a position to do that.  All I know is that the minimum number of days he is supposed to spend there is 21.  Then, whether or not he would spend beyond that I don’t know.  I think the kingmakers should know details concerning that.”

Another contestant and a Giesi descendant as well, former Osun Commissioner for Art, Tourism and Culture, Prince Sikiru Ayedun denied any knowledge concerning the number of days the new Ooni would spend in Ilofi.  He, however, wished Ogunwusi a successful reign as new Ooni of Ife.

“I congratulate Enitan Ogunwusi on his emergence as the new Ooni of Ife.  I also wish him all the best in his reign as the paramount ruler of Ife Kingdom.

“But on the issue of coronation, I don’t know the exact date it will hold.  But all of us are warming up for it, God sparing our lives.”

However, on the allegation that the kingmakers and Ife traditional chiefs were bribed by some contestants, especially Prince Enitan Ogunwusi, who emerged the man of the throne, High Chief Atetedaye reacted, “There was nothing like that.  It’s a malicious rumour.  Maybe those saying that were bitter about the process that led to the emergence of Enitan Ogunwusi.  And if they have anything against him, they should have forwarded it to him, not the kingmakers or Ife traditional chiefs.  It’s malicious to say we collected bribe during the process of selecting the new Ooni.

“Enitan Ogunwusi is God’s chosen, and I am sure all of us in Ife are united now for his coronation which will soon take place.”



The first step is to show interest in the throne which cannot be formally announced unless the immediate past Ooni has been buried.  After which all the intending princes are traditionally allowed to obtain interest form for free depending on the arrangement of the elders in the ruling house whose turn it is to produce the next Ooni.

This is followed by internal screening by the elders who are trusted and tested.  Those elders will now forward the list of qualified candidates to the kingmakers.

The kingmakers are not allowed to take any official step on the list until the state government declares the stool vacant.  It’s after the state government has done that that any further step could be taken by the kingmakers.

However, the most important of all the processes and steps is the consultation of the oracle by the kingmakers.  After which the name of the chosen candidate will now be forwarded to the state government for official ratification.

After that, a formal announcement will be made and that automatically begins the journey to the revered throne of Ooni of Ife.

After this, the Ooni-designate is expected to be in seclusion for three months or less depending on the situation of things on ground.  But usually, the minimum number of days is 21, during which he will be undergoing spiritual fortification and necessary tutelage concerning the throne.

After completing the necessary rites at Ilofi the seclusion, he would be formally installed and a staff of office would be given to him as the new Ooni of Ife by the Osun State governor.  It’s then he would finally move into Ile Oodua with his family where he would live till he also joins his ancestors.



  1. Prince Adedamola Aderemi
  2. Prince Adelekan Aderemi
  3. Prince Sikiru Ayedun
  4. Prince Abdulraheem Adedoyin
  5. Prince Ademola Ademiluyi
  6. Prince Adeyinka Ademiluyi
  7. Prince Adegboyega Ademiluyi
  8. Prince Kanmi Ademiluyi
  9. Prince Adebambo Ademiluyi
  10. Prince Rasheed Adebayo Oladele
  11. Prince Adewale Adeyemo
  12. Prince Adewale Adeyemo (Osinkola lineage)
  13. Oba Adewale Ojutalayo
  14. Prince Soji Fadehan
  15. Prince Aderemi Adelowo
  16. Prince Adetunji Ogunwusi
  17. Prince Soji Ologbenla
  18. Prince Olugbenga Ologbenla
  19. Prince Kolajo Adegbinrin
  20. Prince Taiwo Ogunleye
  21. Prince Ademola Adebiyi
  22. Prince Adewale Murtala
  23. Prince Adegboyega Adelowo
  24. Prince Adediran Kolajo
  25. Prince Adegboyega Adedire
  26. Prince Adetunji Babatunde Aderemi
  27. Prince Iyiola Funsho Adewole
  28. Prince Okinawa Ologbenla
  29. Prince Adegboyega Adewoyin Coker
  30. Prince Adetayo Oladele
  31. Prince Akin Adewuyi
  32. Prince Adefuye
  33. Prince E. O. C. Eludoyin

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