New record label, Striker Entertainment berths in Nigeria

Even as people are complaining about economy hardship, some are taking bold steps in the entertainment industry by adding values and giving back. And this summarizes the berth of Striker Entertainment to the ever growing music industry in Nigeria.

In a chat with the record label owner, Edo born businessman Mr. Isokpehi Obas John, popularly known as Striker, who has been doing Nigeria proud in East Africa especially Uganda, talked about the record label, artistes and secret of success that is applicable anywhere in the world.


What informed your decision to own a records label?

I’m a businessman and music is spiritual food for the soul. Even if am not a professional musician, I can sing so, I want to reach out, promote young talents in Nigeria as to empower them. That is why I want to use this platform, Striker Entertainment to archieve these objectives. It has cost me millions of naira. We have our studio in Uganda. We are in partnership with Ben.tv London to handle our media PR because Striker Entertainment will be different from norm in terms of artistes welfare and giving back. I have done it in Uganda by the grace of God, so I am back in my own country to do it.

How did you come up about the name Striker?

Most of my friends and admirers call me Striker because that name was giving to me in a basketball court by my coach when I scored a lot during my active days. I have been using it as my cars plate number that is why I just decided to use it in entertainment industry. So, Striker Entertainment has come to stay.

When will you launch it and unveil your artistes officially?

In few weeks by the grace of God, We will launch it. We have one of the finest artistes in Uganda on our label right now. His real names are Raymond Kaizia, a.k.a Big Tril (born into greatness to rise into legend). His video has been trending on MTV BASE since last week. He has recorded four singles (Pretty Girls, Batowolila which means They can hear us, Sunmo= a Yoruba words for coming closer and I got to drink). We are shooting the video in Nigeria to add Nigerian flavour to it. We are also working with Long John in the beats while we are look out for raw talents that will also come on board. Our launching and unveiling with the press will be in April 2016 and it will be massive because Nigeria music has gone globally and Striker Entertainment wants to be part of it.

How can someone be a successful entertainer?

I have been tested and trusted. You must be focus, dedicated, loyal and above all, be paying your tithe regularly then success will come. There is a different between those that work for God and those that work with God. So, I have been working with God with my tithe according to Malachi 3vs10. God said bring all the tithes and offering into my storehouse so that there may be meat in my house.

He says test me, challenge me if I will not open the windows of heaven upon you and pour down the blessings that you will not have enough room to accommodate them. If you are a tither, things will never be tight for you. That is one of my secrets to success and its applicable and works anywhere in the world and in any sector of the economy.



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