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New toothpaste reduces dental plaque

A revolutionary toothpaste has been produced which will help reduce plaque. Interestingly, it also prevents heart attacks and inflammation.

Scientists discovered there is a link between disease of the gum and heart problems with those who don’t brush their teeth.  This link, they say, is caused by the bacteria that leads to gum disease.  Usually, the disease spreads from the bloodstream to the heart.

The wonder toothpaste, which was produced in the USA, removes dental plaque twice as much as other toothpastes. For those that have used the toothpaste, the level of inflammation dropped by 29 percent.  Inflammation is often determined by high sensitivity C-reactive protein, a marker for heart attacks and strokes.

Lead researcher, Charles Hennekens from Florida Atlantic University, USA, said, “While the findings on reducing dental plaque extend a previous observation, the findings on decreasing inflammation are new.”

In a  study published in the British Medical Journal in 2010, those with poor oral hygiene had a 70 percent increased chance of developing heart attacks than those who brushed twice a day. Their gum becomes swollen and infected.

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