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New Year: Transport fare still high – Nigerians lament

Since the deregulation of the petroleum downstream sector in May 2016, commercial bus operators are yet to make their charges affordable as they keep lamenting high purchase of diesel and petrol. Transport fare has doubled, especially following  the recession. Nigerians expected a change in the charges this new year but the charges keep escalating as many complain they can no longer afford to suffer the same pain of 2016. sampled the opinions of Lagosians on the rate at which commercial bus drivers’ charge  after the yuletide celebrations in 2017.

In our chat, many revealed the transport fares are still on the high side, even though it’s a new year and they urge the federal government to help provide possible solutions in making life easier and convenient for every Nigerian.



Transport fares are still on the high side. Commercial bus drivers keep pushing up the fare for reasons best known to them. Some complain the amount they normally buy diesel has increased. So, there is need for increase in their charges. As Nigerians, let’s just keep praying for our dear nation and hope that 2017 will be a better year for everyone.



The amount we normally board commercial buses are too high. We thought the amount will reduce after the yuletide celebrations but it has not. I have reduced the rate at which I board the yellow buses (danfo) just because of their charges. I board the BRT buses more nowadays just because it is cheaper, compared to other means.

This is another year, our government should help reduce the prices of petrol, diesel and kerosene so transportation can be cheaper and convenient for everyone.



Commercial bus charges are so terrible in my area. Iju Ishaga to Ogba used to be N50, now it’s N70 – N100. Same as Agege – Ogba. We can’t keep paying those outrageous amounts to drivers. 2016 was a terrible year for Nigerians, now it’s another year. Our government should help in making things easier and affordable for Nigerians.



This is a year we can’t continue with the pains of previous years. Transportation fare are really on the high side. Traveling from Lagos to Ibadan for the last Christmas celebration cost me more than N2,000. That’s a ridiculous amount, I must say. Lagos to Ibadan used to be N400 – N500.

So what has actually changed? Our government needs to consider the welfare of the masses as their top priority instead of letting us suffer like we are in a strange land.



I couldn’t even afford to travel during last yuletide celebrations just because of the high cost of transport fare. We can’t continue like this in Nigeria. Transport fare is just too much for us to afford. I don’t have a car, I depend on commercial buses to go from one place to another but commercial buses now charge like they are taking me to heaven. It’s unbearable. We need a real change in this new year 2017.




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