‘Nigeria has over 100 million people yet we can’t sell 5 million movies’ -Yomi Gold

Popular actor Yomi Alore, popularly called Yomi Gold, is an angry with the Nigerian system. ENCOMIUM Weekly visited him in his residence, where he disclosed how he is planning to distribute movies to the general public without any stress and lamenting the state of the nation…  

How would you describe your career?

Yomi Gold - New pics 4My career is important to me and it can be best described as what I live for and to impact the society through it.

What are you working on presently?

Right now, I am working on my movie distribution channels. It’s called Glam View Africa (GVA). We just shot a movie,  Go Down Low. It’s a movie to watch out for. We are working on getting the distribution channels ready. It’s called neighbourhood movie distribution system. People don’t need to buy movies on the street again or in the traffic gridlock. We want people to embrace decent way of buying movies.

Can you tell us how you started it all in the movie industry?

I came into the movie industry in 2005. I started as a rehearsal boy under the caucus of Alhaji Yinka Quadri and Ogogo Alhaji Taiwo Hassan. It wasn’t easy for me as a guy who came all the way from Ibadan to Lagos not knowing anyone. But glory be to Almighty Allah today. It’s not how far but how well.

Which movie shot you into limelight?

To be sincere, I can’t remember the movie that shot me into limelight. I still haven’t considered myself a star.  What I want to be is bigger than what I am now. So I am still expecting the bigger things from God. I will always be thankful to Him.

What are your challenges in the movie industry?

My challenge in the movie industry is poor market. We don’t have a proper channel of selling films. Nigeria is about a country of over 100 million people and still we cannot record five million copies of movie sold. We need to tackle this problem. There is need for a proper reach out.

What is the craziest thing a fan has ever done to you?

The craziest thing a fan did to me was meeting me on a Saturday and the next week was about shooting my movie. I told him about it and the next thing I saw was N300,000 in my account as support. His name is Jibola Fatgbems. He might not like this but he blew my mind with that support.

What do you expect from the next president?

The president should approve anti-piracy law. To help us drive away these dream killers, support the industry at the time of need. The government only makes use of celebs during their campaigns. We are supporting them, they should support us too.

What should your fans be expecting from you?

My fans should expect better Yomi Gold in movie making and distribution.

How do you cope with family and work?

I cope. I’m trying. My wife and daughter live in America and I visit them. But we are planning to stay at the same place soon. God is in control.

Do you have any endorsement?

I don’t have any endorsement yet. Hoping to get many by God’s grace.


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