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Nigerian Entertainment Health Club berths 

Few days after the official launch of the Nigerian Entertainment Industry Health Insurance Scheme (NEIHIS), the administrators of the scheme, the Nigerian Entertainment Industry Lecture Series (NEILS) have announced the institution of the Nigerian Entertainment Health Club (NEHC) to further provide easy access to good healthcare information, tips, facilities and also to encourage practitioners of the entertainment industry to place more premium value on their health.

In today’s world, where people are becoming extremely busy and burdened with heavy workloads, it is very essential to maintain a balance of good health so that individuals can lead normal and healthy life styles that can enhance creativity and invariably their productivity levels. Fast and convenient foods have alarmingly replaced balanced diet meals; stress, lack of sleep and exercise are all taking tolls on the health of the individuals. Diabetes, obesity, arteriosclerosis, arthritis, osteoporosis and metabolic syndrome are some of the disorders that can affect the entertainers’ lifestyle. Hence it is always suggested to exercise regularly so that this can enhance the well-being of the celebrity/individual. But this is often not possible as some entertainers can barely make out time from their very busy schedules. Certain rigorous exercises require ample space and facilities and ought to be conducted under instructions and supervision according to specific techniques in order to achieve positive results.

Aside helping to manage the health and life styles of entertainers suffering from any form of disorder, the Nigerian Entertainment Health Club (NEHC) will offer information, tips and services that will help in maintaining a normal health and mental balance for individuals and celebrities. NEHC is partnering with thousands of wellness houses, gyms, spars, nutritionists and health institutions across board to create great excitement for the members of the health club. Nutritionists and dietitians are also on hand to suggest healthy diet plans according to the physical condition and requirement of certain individuals. Some health institutions have agreed to provide free consultation to all members of the club while various spas, wellness houses and gyms across the country have agreed to a 60% discount for NEHC members’ usage of their facilities. Admittance into any of these listed facilities will be automatic as a NEIHIS enrollee with an authentic identification card.

The Nigerian Entertainment Health Club will also constantly organize health seminars, walk, free lifestyle consultation, personalized programmes, counseling and other exciting programmes that will constantly bring about the consciousness to live a healthy lifestyle and improve our health. A combination of guided exercise and nutrition is the key to effective and lasting wellness.

NEHC will be launched in May 2015.


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