Nigerian Idol 5 winner, K Peace speaks on his victory -as he clinches N7.5m cash prize, SUV, record deal


By his singing prowess, 32-year-old Kunle Ogunrombi has become a superstar as he emerged winner of the fifth season of Nigerian Idol. The Ogun state-born singer who is pioneering the ‘fujirembi’ music genre is set to storm the mainstream music scene.

In this chat with ENCOMIUM Weekly, he expressed his joy at winning the prestigious show which comes with a N7.5m prize, a SUV, galaxy tablet, music record deal and much more…

KPEACE-1024x683 (1)Congratulations on your feat. How does it feel emerging the fifth Nigerian Idol?

Thank you. The feeling is unexplainable and unimaginable, everything has changed. I feel so blessed and highly favoured.

Did you think you could win from the outset?

I knew I had something special. I infused a genre of music that’s not common. I just kept praying, working hard and hoping to be the last man standing.

What do you think gave you the edge?

My originality. I rep naija. I did not want to follow the bandwagon.

What was your experience on the show?

The experience was very interesting, I had the chance of meeting and working with gifted hands and minds. I also made a few good relationships. It was a good time well spent.

Did you at any point feel you wouldn’t make it to the finals and win?

Yes. Every eviction night was a very nervy experience. It was not about what you do on stage, but how many votes you can amass.

Where did you audition and what was it like?

I had my audition in Lagos. I wanted to do something different. Though it was a big gamble o. And after singing before the judges, I had palpitation. Surprisingly, I was given the golden ticket and I had no choice but to shoki.

If you were watching and not participating, who would you have voted for who and why?

Classic Tunez. I like his person. He is hard working. I like his craft as well.

What will you do with your prize money?

I have a penchant for sound/music equipment so, I would get more equipment. I would also go into real estate. I also have some pending family projects.

What’s the next thing for you now?

Dropping the All Of Me (cover). Also work has begun on my debut album. I would intimate my fans about it as days go by.

Previous Nigerian Idols have failed to thrive in the mainstream industry, will your case not be the same?

I will stay true to my unique style of singing which has endeared me to many and I am sure they are expecting more from K Peace. So, I would build my music on that and I believe it would turn out successful. Nigerian Idol season 5 winner would thrive in the mainstream, God helping.

What will you do differently?

Make fujirembi a household name. Also, I would bring my A-game on every stage I perform. I would get close to my fans. Also, I’ll work with gifted hands in the industry and above all, have a strong and intimate relationship with God.



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