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The high rate of baby selling in Nigeria has attracted sharp condemnation from mothers. In the last two weeks, the Nigeria Police and other security agencies have nabbed syndicates specializing in this illegal trade. What could even be the reason a woman would want to sell her new baby for money?

Those ENCOMIUM Weekly spoke to gave reasons and how to curb the trend….


The exchange of babies for money is caused by high rate of poverty in the country. The government or corporate bodies should enlighten Nigerian women about how to care for themselves and to make a living. By doing that, they would reduce the rate of poverty level in Nigeria.


I think poverty is responsible for the exchange of babies for money. Why would a normal person bear a child for nine months then decide to sell the child. Attention should be paid to young mothers. They should be mentored and tutored on these things.


Poverty is the number one thing responsible for the rampant exchange of babies for money. Young and pregnant women should be closely watched and seminars should be held to teach them the dangers of selling babies.


It is poverty. Young girls need to be enlightened, let them acquire skills and eradicate poverty. When they have something that brings little income, I think exchanging babies for money will not be an option.


Poverty is the most common reason, then not being contented with what one has. Creating more job opportunities. When people are gainfully employed and busy, they won’t think in that direction.


It is basically wickedness and laziness. Only a lazy man would opt for exchanging his own child/children for money. People need to be more sensitized. That such act is not only bad but ungodly.


It is disheartening for this to be happening in a country like Nigeria. It’s a sign of end time and at the same time, it shows the citizens are very poor. Government should help these mothers and provide their basic needs. There is nothing on earth that should make a woman sell her child.


It is not a good thing at all. It shows that this country is getting worse by the day. I think the cause of this is because mothers are poor and are as well insane. I don’t think there is any reason for a mother to sell her baby.


It’s a shameful and sinful act for any woman to embark on that. In the years back, no one knew anything like that. I think the level of poverty in the country has led to the emergence of that ignoble way of making money. It’s barbaric. Anybody caught should be prosecuted.


I think it’s lack of fear of God that can lead a woman to that. It’s a devilish act. No matter how hard the situation, I don’t think that should suggest that after that traumatic experience of child delivery, a woman should consider selling her baby as antidote.

It’s even a gravious sin. And I don’t think God will be happy with anybody doing that. Our government can still be blamed. If the government has created an enabling environment for business to thrive, and also there are employment opportunities irrespective of where you come from, poverty will be alleviated and things like this won’t come up.


The rising rate of unemployment, lack of fear of God also forms part of it. Because I can’t imagine a woman who carried a baby for nine month now resort to selling such baby to survive. Strict sanctions for culprits


Lack of conscience from those who are doing it, that is how bad our people can be. Those who have been arrested should be severely punished to serve as deterrent to others.

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