The high rate of baby selling in Nigeria has attracted sharp condemnation from mothers. In the last two weeks the Nigeria Police and other security agencies have nabbed syndicates specializing in this illegal trade. What could even be the reason a woman would want to sell her new baby for money?

Those ENCOMIUM Weekly spoke to gave reasons and how to curb the trend….



The cause is simply poverty and our natural tendency for corruption. We are a perverted nation. The solution is in the hands of our government and parents. The government should endeavour to make Nigeria a better place for all to live.

A comfortable mind would think less of things that are devilish. On the other hand, parents should properly train their children and prepare them for living a corruption free life in spite of any harsh condition.


A lot of people have turned against God, perversion is getting to the highest order. We cannot blame poverty because there is no excuse for such callous act. We need to turn back to God, seek Him wholeheartedly. Government should also make jobs available, give the people relative comfort.


Poverty and loss of morals might be the cause of increasing exchange of babies for cash. To me, it is also the sign of the end time. Government should enforce relevant laws on child abuse. It is also imperative for security agencies to monitor orphanages and emerging baby factories in some sections of the country.


It is shameful and abominable that some mothers now sell their babies. It is the fulfillment of the gospel. You can also blame it on poverty.

Government should clamp down on hospitals that trade babies. Sadly, some of these innocent babies are also used for rituals. This is why government must do more to curb this menace.


The basic reason is poverty. The poverty level is on the rise and people are getting desperate for survival to the extent that they can go any length. Another reason is lack of proper family planning. Some families give birth to more children than they can afford to cater for. So for that reason, they will rather trade the child for money than just to abandon the child.

The government should provide proper family planning/maternity care services for the low income earners, especially those that can’t afford it. Enlightenment programmes should also be in place.


Inability to conceive by some women for different reasons such as infertility, for some, their career, others don’t just want change in their bodies. So, some take advantages of women who don’t have money to sell their child.

Unemployment should be curbed so people can find better means of making money. Religious bodies should emphasize the danger of these acts to their congregation. There should also be a campaign against child trade.


I don’t understand o. But I think those involved are teenagers who still do not understand life very well. They believe because they are young they can give birth to children at anytime they want. That is why they will give birth to one or two now and sell them in order to live highlife of expensive handsets and clothes.

I am sure a grown up woman will never give birth to a child and sell it. I think government can curb it by making adoption of children less stringent.


It’s not only unlawful but a grievous sin for any woman to exchange her child for money because of poverty. God has warned us in the Holy Quran that we should not maltreat or kill our children because of poverty. He promised to take care of the needs of all His creatures.

Even, the birds are feeding, let alone human beings. To me, any woman caught selling her baby should be arrested and prosecuted. Apart from facing judgment here on earth, she would definitely face God’s judgment thereafter.


I think any woman exchanging her baby for money or other materials of life is insane. Children are special and rare blessings from God and they should be cherished. Any woman selling her baby doesn’t appreciate the gold God has given her.

Not everyone that desires to have a baby gets it at the end of the day. Having baby is just an uncommon grace of God. He gives anybody He likes.

Although, people always cite poverty as the reason for embarking on that sinful act, that shouldn’t be tolerated by anybody who cares about children. I think anybody caught doing that should be severely punished.


It’s barbaric in human and should be collectively condemned. Many things are responsible for it. Top on the list is poverty. First, I want to urge government at all levels to provide employment for youths, and ensure lives are protected.


From religious point of view, it’s an influence of the devil. When men abandon God, they become servants to the devil. To satisfy their new master, they need to do devilish acts, such as selling their babies for money. It’s a devilish act.

Solution is we should all go back to God, obey all His Commandments. For instance, there is a verse in the Qur’an which says we should not kill or sell our children because of poverty. It’s God that gives you children, He’ll always provide.

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