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Nigerians advise Buhari (4)

Since Muhammadu Buhari took over the mantle of leadership of Nigeria, on Friday, May 29, 2015, Nigerians, home and abroad, have been clamouring for immediate end to corrupt practices in the country as pledged by the new president.

Some Nigerians ENCOMIUM Weekly spoke to also advised the new government to keep to its promises in this direction…


‘He should get the right hands’ – ABIGAIL OMOBORIOWO

He should observe and investigate the sectors that need urgent intervention. I like the fact that he has not chosen his ministers. He should take time to get the right hands for the right posts. If not, his regime will end up like Jonathan’s own.


‘He should resolve security’ – OMOTOLA OLUSHOLA

He should probe some corrupt officers, ex-president, oil minister. He should find a way of resolving security challenge the nation is facing. He should look into the oil sector too.


‘Buhari should change the people around him’ – CHRISTIAN CHUKWUDI

In terms of fighting corruption, employment and power supply, Jonathan didn’t try. Buhari should not make the same mistake by employing people that will give him wrong advice. If he wants to bring change, he should change the people around him first.


‘He needs to be very careful’ – LEKE AWODIYA

President Muhammadu Buhari shouldn’t be allowed to be distracted by some disgruntled elements both in his party and Peoples Democratic Party (PDP). He needs to be very serious in the choice of those that will constitute his cabinet.

He needs to also commit everything he decides to do into the hands of God because this is a different ball game entirely. All eyes on him now and some don’t want him to succeed so that he can also become a subject of ridicule just as the former president.  So, he needs to be very careful and firm. Then act according to the rule of law.


‘He should equip the military’ – MODUPE ADERELE

President Buhari should not appoint ministers from APC alone. He should look inward and ensure those to be appointed are people of integrity from different quarters of the country irrespective of political, tribal or religious sentiment.

He should equip the military so that the fight against the Boko Haram insurgency can end as success story. Buhari should also take a critical look at the areas where his predecessor failed woefully and ensure he doesn’t make same mistakes.


‘Jonathan couldn’t curb corruption’ – CLEMENT ODINKEMELE

One aspect Buhari must tackle headlong is corruption. Unfortunately, the monster has eaten deep into Nigeria’s fabric.

The Buhari regime must kill corruption before it kills Nigeria.


‘Job creation is a must for Buhari’ – VICTOR FAFUNWA

Nigeria has one of the highest number of unemployed people in this side of the world. Whereas, the Minister of Economy under Jonathan claimed millions of jobs were created, we don’t know who were really employed.

I think Buhari should fix the economy through massive job and wealth creation.


‘He should employ good advisers’ – SANDRA NKEM

Jonathan and his government failed in many areas. The worst was even when they had good intentions, they went about it in the worst possible way.

For instance, the case of the subsidy removal in 2012, it was a good idea but did people have to suffer like we did? Things like this made him lose his goodwill and popularity.

I remember when he was campaigning in 2011, almost everyone I knew wanted him as president. Buhari should pay attention to this and he should employ good advisers.


‘Buhari shouldn’t make the same mistake Jonathan made’ – DANIEL OYELADE

The first thing I want to say is that you media people were very critical of Jonathan. I hope you do the same to Buhari.

To your question, some of the things Jonathan did were either reported or under-reported in the news. I blame his media people for that. They only knew how to pick fights with opposition and release statements.

I hope the people handling Buhari’s media will not follow that path. Also, Jonathan made the mistake of not carrying people along. Buhari and Osinbajo should not make that mistake.

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